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Something Needs To Be Undone.

While I was out walking tonight I wrote and rewrote this introduction in my head. Then I realised that I was manipulating you with it, wanting to explain myself in detail. It’s not my place to do that – especially not tonight. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know two things – that I don’t generally write serious posts and that I haven’t posted in my usual fashion (i.e. regularly) for about a month now.

Tonight’s post was written initially in response to my fryber Renée’s post The Compromise, written earlier this month. I don’t think it was exactly what she was expecting when she asked for people’s stories about relationships that they knew were doomed from the start. I think she was after bittersweet but I am so thoroughly ashamed of this that I can’t even describe it.

Sometimes, when I talk about life with some of my friends, they talk about me being a good, decent guy. I laugh at them and shrug off the compliment because if I was such a good guy – how could I have ever done this?

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Twitter – You Are A Dirty Bird.


The bird is dirty...

I don’t mean to dis you or hurt your feelings Twitter but I seriously need to tell you something.

Please stop sending naked women my way.

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It’s December Already?!

December 1, where did you come from? I swear just last week I was welcoming in the New Year but here you are, standing right next to me. You guys really have your act together don’t you? I’m having trouble remembering exactly where the time went, so how about you and I run through the past 11 months and see how all your predecessors handled themselves before we go rushing in to the end of the year?

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The Things We Do For Love

In Australia today, news was surprisingly slow. Or this one particular story was so amazing that it warranted almost a whole day of dedication from electronic media. You decide.

Olivia – Do You Remember Steve Tucker?

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The Cupid Files: Technically, It’s Love

Cupid; one cherubic little angel set with a task that at the time seemed impossibly easy. When there are only two people in the World, how hard can it be to stick them both with a little love and watch the beautiful results? Kudos Cupid, job well done.

Fast forward to the 21st century and it is this single guy’s personal opinion that poor Cupid is suffering from chaos induced delirium. Even though his quiver is bottomless, his drawing arm has become undeniably fatigued by his eternal assignment. He’s drowning in a backlog of work and there’s no sign of him getting a break.

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Universal Language Bid 2011

This morning I passed a poster that got me thinking. It stated that music was a language that everyone can understand. Naturally, it prompted me to remember the age-old topic of universal language.

In the spirit of the current Commonwealth Games being held in India I present, for your consideration, the applications for Universal Language 2011. They have been required to address four aspects of viability and I ask you to judge them on their merits just as I have.

The candidates are:

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Lending Cupid a Hand

You might find this hard to believe, but I know a thing or two about romance.

At high school I was part of a small but very effective team of Love Doctors – not by choice but by necessity. My friends were suffering misread signals and lamenting lost opportunities; I could not stand by and do nothing to help. So I donned my emotional scrubs and got to work. While we were unable to save everyone, we had some very successful outcomes during the life of our practice. This post may mark the beginning of a semi-regular revival of that practice.

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Headphones Break Hearts

Cupid certainly has his work cut out for him these days. I’m sure he was managing reasonably well, but now he’s got bigger problems. And it’s starting to get some of us down.

The recession has been cited as a source of dismay for hopeful hearts across America and here in Australia there’s another antagonist working steadily to thwart friendly flirtation and potential passion – the humble headphone. They come in all shapes and sizes and some are easier to identify than others. All of them are daunting, but it’s the small and subtle ones that are the worst.

They may look and sound great, but they're destroying your love life...

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Life Lessons – Courtesy of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a hero of mine; he should be a hero to everyone. He doesn’t have to be your biggest or only hero, but you should give him a chance. I’ve learned a lot about life from him; here are 10 of the most important things:

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