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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Apathy.

I was an involuntary fireman on two occasions last week, both involving rubbish bins. Neither initiated by me. It dismayed me, not because I was the fireman, but because I was far from being the first on the scene.

I hate to sound like a crazy ranter, but I was very disappointed in the atrocious lack of concern that was displayed by the throngs of people who were carrying out their daily business apparently oblivious to the fire that was burning so very close to them. I’ll clarify.

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Natural Selection vs Common Sense

Yesterday, another life was lost as a surfer enjoyed his hobby off the Perth shores – as reported in this News Article. I totally sympathise with the man’s family and friends. However, the resulting uproar (which seems to happen every time one of nature’s apex predators kills a human) never ceases to astound me and make me mourn the death of common sense.

It seems to me that the modern age of “advanced” civilisation has changed the self preservation instinct of billions of people. I don’t just mean that so many people seem to be much more ignorant of their own safety, but I’m also referring to this weird hyper-reaction whenever a member of the human race is lost to a creature that was built to dominate its environment. Take this guy for example:

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