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Raiders vs Braveheart – Fact vs Fiction

First of all, thanks to 1sttime0ffender for his determined challenge in the previous round of EduClaytion’s March Movie Madness! I wasn’t sure how I’d stack up against Dances With Wolves but I can tell you now that there’s still plenty of vigour in this Blogger’s mind!

Now I’m up against TamaraOutLoud with Braveheart, a crowd favourite for many reasons. Having said that though, there is still a contest to be had and I’m pretty sure that the information that follows might help fellow voters over at Clay’s blog realise why Raiders should yet again be triumphant!

Above all else, the main reason Raiders of the Lost Ark is better than Braveheart is because of historical accuracy.

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How Do I Compare Thee?

First of all – thank you so much to Jeanne from Another Stir of the Spoon for a great first round matchup in EduClaytion‘s March Movie Madness. It was a pleasure to go up against Lord of the Rings straight out of the gate and it only gets harder from here on in!

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Indiana Jones vs Frodo Baggins – No Brainer!

Clay at EduClaytion has a regular spot on his blog that finds a few movies that are associated by a common thread. He does a nifty write-up about them and then pits them against each other in a voting frenzy from his readers that ultimately declares one the best in that group.

This month, things are a little different. Think “Bruce Banner to Incredible Hulk”. Think “Dr Jekyl to Mr Hyde”. Think “Calm Homer Simpson to Angry Dad”. The usually interesting-but-calm event has exploded into a slobbering, raving, ADHD-infused behemoth!

“Dude, you’re ranting again. What’s the point?” I hear you say. Ok, sorry about that. The point is, I contributed and now I’m involved. Yes – I fed the animal.

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All The Right Mov(i)es

Ok, so Clay at EduClaytion is a man everyone can admire. Go on, admire him. He has his own website and he’s a teacher of things – and stuff. Like history and politics and all sorts. I’ve been reading his blog for a while now and have learned a few things about America, history and Pittsburgh in particular. Things that have since fallen to the back of my mind, but I can honestly say it’s always fun reading.

Anyway, check out his page if you don’t know about him already. He is a man among men; a gentleman and a scholar. I don’t know how he fits it all in.

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How Did You Find Me?

While I’ve been open to adventure pretty much my entire life, I’ve only been blogging about it for the past four months or so. I have no burning desire to be a famous blogger (although if I was to become popular I wouldn’t be unhappy) and my writing style isn’t textbook so I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Still, I take an interest in those who do read my blog and how some people find me in the massive online universe. I have a few cherished regulars whose blogs I adore and I’m always looking around to see who else is out there. Today’s post is dedicated to those who find my blog with a little help from Google.

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Life Lessons – Courtesy of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a hero of mine; he should be a hero to everyone. He doesn’t have to be your biggest or only hero, but you should give him a chance. I’ve learned a lot about life from him; here are 10 of the most important things:

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The Motion of the Ocean

I don’t want this to come across as a serious post. Seriously. I’m trying to work a new angle here, it’s why I moved away from MySpace – well, for that reason mainly but also because MySpace seems to be tangled in the internets instead of chomping big holes in the World Wide Web like Facebook and Twitter…

I’m moving into my new unit at the end of the week. And I’m VERY excited! This week is the week of packing, last week having been the arduous “clean-out” (that never actually got completed, for reasons of laziness and sunshine) and I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to my current place and getting into something new. This week and next will see me sans-internet, so the blogs will be thin on the ground. I might try to post a few in quick succession so that my dedicated readers (thanks Mum) will have something to peruse while I’m gone.

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