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Reclaiming My Time

Well hello again – Happy New Year!


Four years ago I took a break from blogging to focus on a few things. During that time, many other things happened, so I’m still working on the things I was going to focus on back then. Looking back, it was a wild ride. Good things, including meeting my amazing fiancée Leah and finding a job that I actually enjoyed doing in a career that was never really my preferred one. Naturally, the cosmic balance must be maintained and so along with the good came the bad.

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It’s Been a Big Year – Change is Still the Only Constant

This may be the last blog I post here – the creativity and desire to express myself that I’ve enjoyed since the beginning of this writing adventure have waned. I can’t pinpoint the reason; it may be a loss of belief in myself,  the medication, or it may just be time for change. Whatever it is, I just didn’t want my previous post to be the last. In case I don’t come back here for a long time, I want to keep the vibe positive.


So what have I been doing all year? I clearly haven’t been blogging. Let me fill you in…

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A Brief Respite

It’s been three weeks now since I last posted; I’ve been writing but the words have been faltering. Blog posts, and indeed some other writing is jumbling itself up between my mind and the keyboard/paper so it’s time for me to take a breather again.

I will be visiting all my brilliant writer-friends’ blogs. You guys are all my continuing inspiration and I will keep at it in the background. There’s still at least a week’s worth of Japan left to share and then there are the other ideas! So things will be quiet here at A&I but I’m not going anywhere. I hope that when I return I’ll see all the familiar faces that I’ve grown so fond of in this awesome little e-space.



If You Were Wondering, So Was I…

Wow – almost two months has passed with nary a peep from me here. I cannot apologise enough for that. If it helps, I am fine. I’m torn between going into immense detail and keeping it simple. I think I’ll go with the latter. The explanation for my absence is, after all, quite simple. After leaving my last job, I moved out of my old unit and went on another Japanese adventure with my Dad. Upon my return there was the excitement of moving into my new place and finding my groove. Now that everything’s settling down (and I have internet access!), it’s time to get back into the blog!

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March Movie Madness Is Back!

Well my mate Clay’s at it again – March Movie Madness is underway again! This year he’s asked us to pit some of the greatest movie heroes/protagonists against each other in an all out brawl for the title of Champion. Some of the entrants have their eye on the prize and will do anything to get it; others may have it thrust upon them regardless of their desire to remain in the background.

This year I was slow off the mark and missed out on backing Indy. I was also deprived of a couple of backup heroes and that makes this competition a real fight for me. So I went with one of the toughest fighters that cinema has ever produced – “Mad” Max Rockatansky.

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Say What?!

I was reading my friends’s’s’ (what’s the grammar there again? Possessive plurals get me every time!) blogs the other day and I stumbled upon something. Something that I’d missed last year and something that seemed to now be in its prime for me. After watching Renée welcome the first snow of the season (and am I understanding correctly that it came a little late?) with a celebratory dance, I visited her YouTube channel and had a bit of a look around. Because I like to see what my international friends get up to when you point a camera at them. I’d do the same for my local friends, but they seem to be a little camera-shy…

At any rate, I saw Renée’s video response to Jessica Buttram’s response to Jamie’s Rabbits’s response to … well you get the picture and I felt inspired to add my own input to the process. Now the overall Project is most likely well and truly finished, but some of my cyber-buddies have mentioned that they would like to hear my accent. So here it is:

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Learning Lessons With Teachers and Twits.

My brilliant friend Renée over at Lessons From Teachers and Twits is one amazing lady. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer and teacher, she’s also a beautiful human being. Part of her awesomeness is her ability to relate to people, as evidenced by a collaboration project she started a while back now. When Renée sent out the invitation to all readers of her blog to contribute to this sharing of stories, I jumped at the chance. The project is a simple one – Share with other readers a lesson that you have learned and that has stuck with you during your life. Simplicity, I’ve found, often leads to the best and most varied outcomes, as you can read if you check out the posts submitted by other contributors.

Yesterday it was my turn and I am so very excited to be a part of such an excellent community. Without further ado, allow me to direct your attention towards the magnificent blog of Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson who has kindly hosted my reflection on one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned: If we never fail, then we may never know how successful we can really be. This onés dedicated to a music teacher of mine. Thanks, Mrs. Smith.

Just click on Renée’s pic below and you’ll be transported to her blog and my post!

Happy New Year! Now, Back To Me…

Well here we are, 2012. While some glass half-emptiers are preoccupied with the whole Mayan calendar business, I’ve opted to take advantage of the opportunity to take my life in a whole new direction. I won’t inspire you with the details right now but so far, things are going well (things are quite busy at the moment but my blogging schedule will resume ASAP!). I have a strong sense that 2012 is the start of a whole new, lifelong period of positivity for this little dragon and what better way to begin than by sharing more with others?

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to be a guest over in Canada – an invitation I will never turn down. Unfortunately (at this stage) it isn’t a physical visit, but it’s pretty much as good as it gets. The Edmonton Tourist and I have shared plenty of stories about our respective climates and because we both love Christmas, she asked me to fill her in on how we do things here in the future Australia when the festive season rolls around.

If my 12 Days of Christmas series was too long for you, please follow this link to the abridged version, a post-Christmas Christmas review post; hosted over at ET’s blog!

Be My Guest!

Earlier this month I received an email from my mate Clay over at EduClaytion asking whether I might have the time to write a guest post for his blog. In response to his request, I cancelled the plans I didn’t have and spent almost a week thinking hard about what I could possibly write that would be good enough to feature on such a great blog.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that among other things I’m a big fan of the cinema. When it dawned on me that last week was the scheduled release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray I found a spark of inspiration. After reading about how George Lucas was going to introduce a number of “revisions and improvements”, I realised that this release may be a little more sinister than I anticpiated.

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Blessings From The Internets.

It’s been a while since I really paid attention to the searches that have led to my blog. I’m still beset by people seeking the Ark of the Covenant (seriously guys, I DO NOT have it. Ooh, look over there, a phoenix!) and those looking for the One Ring (Mordor, Mt Doom – ringing any bells, peeps? It’s been destroyed, the lands are safe. Return to your homes and live in peace.) but a few other interesting queries have come my way in addition to these staples.

The interwebs have sent me knowledge and wisdom seekers and sharers alike. They are asking hard-hitting questions. Or soft-edged questions. Either way, they’re asking and who am I not to answer? No-one, that’s who. They’re also sharing their own knowledge, which is great. Naturally, I’ll share it with you. I’m all about the giving.

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