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Blessings From The Internets.

It’s been a while since I really paid attention to the searches that have led to my blog. I’m still beset by people seeking the Ark of the Covenant (seriously guys, I DO NOT have it. Ooh, look over there, a phoenix!) and those looking for the One Ring (Mordor, Mt Doom – ringing any bells, peeps? It’s been destroyed, the lands are safe. Return to your homes and live in peace.) but a few other interesting queries have come my way in addition to these staples.

The interwebs have sent me knowledge and wisdom seekers and sharers alike. They are asking hard-hitting questions. Or soft-edged questions. Either way, they’re asking and who am I not to answer? No-one, that’s who. They’re also sharing their own knowledge, which is great. Naturally, I’ll share it with you. I’m all about the giving.

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How Did You Find Me?

While I’ve been open to adventure pretty much my entire life, I’ve only been blogging about it for the past four months or so. I have no burning desire to be a famous blogger (although if I was to become popular I wouldn’t be unhappy) and my writing style isn’t textbook so I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Still, I take an interest in those who do read my blog and how some people find me in the massive online universe. I have a few cherished regulars whose blogs I adore and I’m always looking around to see who else is out there. Today’s post is dedicated to those who find my blog with a little help from Google.

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Wordle I Write About Next?

If there’s anything bloggers love more than writing, it’s statistics. Specifically, their blog statistics. I’m what you would call a stat-crazed blogger. I like to know how people are finding me and what they like most about my blog so that I can hopefully continue to entertain my readers. Because you’re what it’s all about to me.

I spent a bit of time playing with my blog and Wordle. I’m still playing, it’s highly likely that there will be subsequent posts about Wordle’s interpretation of my blog. This particular one is based on my current ten most viewed posts.

So let’s see here…

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Don’t Mess With The Family

The Family - WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

Like all fledgling bloggers (and possibly many established ones), I have an unhealthy obsession with my stats. I used to get depressed when I saw zero visits on any given day and now I find my shoulders slumping when I get less than 15. Blogging is totally like crack to me and unfortunately, my supplier has let me down this weekend.

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