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Science: Actually Discovering New Things Or Just Stating The Obvious In New Ways?

I am a big supporter of Scientists. With their medical breakthroughs and their tireless efforts to find new sources of energy and improve our lives, I’ve always been proud of Scientists and wondered why they’re paid only a fraction of the salaries of sportspeople. New discoveries and hypotheses intrigue me; because I’m a guy who likes to learn stuff. I even chose Science for my practice run through university, where I learned that it is incredibly hard if you haven’t prepared throughout high school. Sometimes, however, I read articles that boggle my mind – but not because they’re super complicated and require Einsteinian intellect to comprehend.

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It’s December Already?!

December 1, where did you come from? I swear just last week I was welcoming in the New Year but here you are, standing right next to me. You guys really have your act together don’t you? I’m having trouble remembering exactly where the time went, so how about you and I run through the past 11 months and see how all your predecessors handled themselves before we go rushing in to the end of the year?

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The Things We Do For Love

In Australia today, news was surprisingly slow. Or this one particular story was so amazing that it warranted almost a whole day of dedication from electronic media. You decide.

Olivia – Do You Remember Steve Tucker?

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Natural Selection vs Common Sense

Yesterday, another life was lost as a surfer enjoyed his hobby off the Perth shores – as reported in this News Article. I totally sympathise with the man’s family and friends. However, the resulting uproar (which seems to happen every time one of nature’s apex predators kills a human) never ceases to astound me and make me mourn the death of common sense.

It seems to me that the modern age of “advanced” civilisation has changed the self preservation instinct of billions of people. I don’t just mean that so many people seem to be much more ignorant of their own safety, but I’m also referring to this weird hyper-reaction whenever a member of the human race is lost to a creature that was built to dominate its environment. Take this guy for example:

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