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2020 Hindsight

As 2020 steams towards us, I decided to take the plunge and publish this post. I’d say “this isn’t one of my normal posts” but that’s not really true.

So here it is. Another post, before 2019 is behind us.

Image credit: GETTY

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How Do They Survive? (The Zombie Conundrum)

I think a lot; about both normal things and abnormal things (I’ll let you decide which sphere I spend the majority of my time in) and this one thing has been bothering me for quite a while. It’s a two-part philosophy that has been part of zombie fiction for as long as it’s been around:

If the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain and zombies eat brains to “survive” – how does the zombie population grow exponentially?

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Say What?!

I was reading my friends’s’s’ (what’s the grammar there again? Possessive plurals get me every time!) blogs the other day and I stumbled upon something. Something that I’d missed last year and something that seemed to now be in its prime for me. After watching Renée welcome the first snow of the season (and am I understanding correctly that it came a little late?) with a celebratory dance, I visited her YouTube channel and had a bit of a look around. Because I like to see what my international friends get up to when you point a camera at them. I’d do the same for my local friends, but they seem to be a little camera-shy…

At any rate, I saw Renée’s video response to Jessica Buttram’s response to Jamie’s Rabbits’s response to … well you get the picture and I felt inspired to add my own input to the process. Now the overall Project is most likely well and truly finished, but some of my cyber-buddies have mentioned that they would like to hear my accent. So here it is:

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Science: Actually Discovering New Things Or Just Stating The Obvious In New Ways?

I am a big supporter of Scientists. With their medical breakthroughs and their tireless efforts to find new sources of energy and improve our lives, I’ve always been proud of Scientists and wondered why they’re paid only a fraction of the salaries of sportspeople. New discoveries and hypotheses intrigue me; because I’m a guy who likes to learn stuff. I even chose Science for my practice run through university, where I learned that it is incredibly hard if you haven’t prepared throughout high school. Sometimes, however, I read articles that boggle my mind – but not because they’re super complicated and require Einsteinian intellect to comprehend.

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Guinness World Records – Enhancing Resumes Since 1955

Recently I’ve been hearing about a decrease in the job market. I’m not really worried about it myself, but given the upcoming change in my employment status I figured that I should do a bit of ground-work. You know what I found? I found that ground-work is boring. Then I remembered that lots of companies like people who think outside of boxes. Except probably the companies that make sensory deprivation tanks because after all, they’re boxes made for thinking and basically nothing else. I’m also pretty sure that the guys who make think tanks would be anti-thinking-outside-the-box as well, but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been considering my options at a leisurely pace. Pondering whether it might pay to get a second degree or do some other kind of post-graduate study to help boost my chances of getting a job in a field that I enjoy. That got me thinking about degrees and certificates and other such academia and I began to worry that even with additional certification, I may still be too boring to hire. (On paper at least – I’m usually pretty exciting in person, I swear!) having pieces of paper didn’t seem like enough for me. I’d really like to walk into a potential employer’s office and be able to make an instant impression. Not only on an academic or aesthetic level but also on a level that portrays my passion for my chosen career path.

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Halloween, Yes. But There’s Got To Be More To October!

image courtesy of oskay @flickr

As we all know, October is most famous for Halloween – the day and night at the end of the month historically known as a time for children (and some adults) to dress up in a fun costume and door-knock through their neighbourhood, asking the dwellers within to provide them with sweet, sweet candy. Failing to provide such sugary treats could potentially result in some kind of nasty trick being played upon the miserly confectionery Scrooge(s). Such tricks would generally be delivered in the form of TP or eggs, however one could never really be certain of what to expect, so it is always wiser to give the children what they want.

At least that’s what I learned from the movies and television.

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No, I Don’t Work Here. But Please, Ask Me Anyway.

While I will never reveal the source of my employment within the pages of this blog, I will tell you all this right now – I do not work at the Brisbane Myer Centre. The events of today, however, make me wonder whether I should rethink that fact.

I’d arranged to have lunch with two friends today in the aforementioned Myer Centre. This central location is a blessing for us all and because we all have different tastes, the variety of the food court is also a boon. Coming from three different offices, we naturally all arrive at different times. Today I was the first to reach our meeting point and as I stood patiently, it happened. Not just once either. Twice – within five minutes. And today’s experiences took the tally to three.

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What Happens In The Bedroom…

If you’re reading this post in the hope that there’s some kind of Einstinian formula for success in the bedroom, here’s what I can give you:

  1. Relax;
  2. Communicate;
  3. Have fun;
  4. Have a safety word.

That’s all I have.

I’m not here today to talk about sex though. Last night I had an extremely interesting experience and it’s only one example of an apparent string of events in which I have been the central figure. I’m still trying to figure out whether the fact that I have had little to no knowledge of these events makes this story more or less hilarious. I’m going to go with more. Definitely more hilarious.

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Hey, Aren’t You…

Tonight I’m taking the easy way out. I’ve been in “The Lab” (read my garage) for most of the weekend working on my costume and am settling down for the night after an eventful evening run that involved an incident of drunken violence (I wasn’t the drunk one, just to be clear…). I went ice skating on Friday night and was going to write about that until I realised that my creative juices aren’t flowing at the moment due to the fatigue that is now bearing its weight on me as I’ve stopped moving.

So instead I’m going to add to the interesting string of posts started (to my knowledge anyway) by the amazing Canadian Leanne Shirtliffe who extrapolated an idea of Clay Morgan’s about celebrity look-alikes. In turn, Leanne’s idea was amended to more accurately reflect one Reneé A. Schuls-Jacobson‘s visage (because really, it’s a great bit of fun but as much as we all respect and admire Leanne, it would seem a bit odd to be using pictures of her, wouldn’t it?) and now I’ve done something similar. Except with pictures of myself, not Reneé…

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Note To Self

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t make use of a time machine if granted the opportunity. Depending on your opinions about time, space and all things cosmic and whether you saw that particular episode of The Simpsons or not, this subject may even be moot for you. Today though, I’m not engaging in discussion about time travel (technically). I’m swapping my Geek cap for an aura of contemplation.

While I may not have access to machinery capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, I’m going to indulge the fantasy of being able to provide my younger self with some advice from my older, marginally wiser self. Given the chance, here are a few things I’d like to say to myself before leaving high school.

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