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Costume Craziness – Tetris

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make, thematically flexible and fun costume, you can’t get much better than Tetris. Whether it’s halloween or a party with an 80’s or computer-game based theme, the Tetris costume is easily recognisable. What makes this costume really great – in addition to its simplicity; is that it works even better as a group costume.

Materials needed for this costume are readily available and require no complex mechanics. Depending on your timeframe and budget, it’s easy to have an effective Tetris costume quickly and quite cheaply. This post outlines only one method of creating the outfit using the following materials:

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‘B’ Is For Bender!

Three weeks ago I received an invitation to the celebration of a friend’s 30th year of excellence and to mark the occasion he had decided that there would be a fancy dress party. It would be hosted at a bowls club near the city and the theme for costumes was simple – something beginning with ‘B’. After some thought (Bowser, Buzz Lightyear, Boba Fett, Bodyguard, Buccaneer, Batman and Charles Bartowski were just a few ideas), I settled on one character who I thought would be unique to the party – Bender. If you’re unfamiliar with Bender, he’s a character in a TV show called Futurama and he looks like this:

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