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Karaoke Is My Kryponite

On any given night out there will always be a point when I mention karaoke. The suggestion is usually followed by a lot of nodding, beaming and sometimes even jumping up and down. When I do that, my friends usually just laugh.

I’ve not always been a karaoke lover. It took me going to Japan to break open the shell of petrification that quickly surrounded my entire boy whenever anyone proposed singing in front of others. Of course, I’ve never had any reservations about other people singing – it was just never really my thing.

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Live Music – Enjoy At Your Own Peril?

I consider myself a music fan, although I’m not an avid musical enthusiast like some of my friends – whose collections of CDs, MP3s and even records are extremely impressive. I have a few favourite bands and am willing to give most genres a chance to potentially expand my musical horizons. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and utterly disappointed in my time, much like I presume we all have.

Everyone who likes music should logically enjoy a good live show, right? Whether it’s your favourite big time, multi-platinum selling band (or just that niche/reasonably successful band or artist) or the guy/group pumping out covers of some classic tunes in the beer garden of your local pub, live music is usually quite an enjoyable experience. I’ve only ever been to a few big music shows myself – I’ve been to a couple of festivals and have seen a few of my favourite bands play here in Brisbane and I’ve become immersed in the atmosphere every time.

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