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Memorable Musical (Mis)Adventures

It’s been a long time since I last picked up a microphone on karaoke night and I must admit, I’m feeling the twitch of withdrawal. As I browse YouTube and sing into my remote control, some of the more exciting hilarious memories of my amateur karaoke career come flooding back. I say amateur not because I can’t sing (that’s a given for most karaoke “stars”); I say it because everyone knows that you’re nothing in the karaoke game until you have a stage name and some form of sequined or bedazzled outfit. Currently, my stage name is still a work in progress…

My introduction to the dizzying world of karaoke was intense. From the first tune I was hooked. Admittedly, I still need a couple of drinks to limber up the vocal chords, but I can still get there. After a whirlwind tour of an entire library though, I hadn’t found my musical masterstroke – that one song that no matter where you go, you can wow the crowd with. They become a gaggle of swooning fans to your Tom Jones or Britney Spears or whoever it is that you become thanks to some simple music and a terribly tacky, copyright dodging video clip.

So began my own quest to identify “The Song”. The one song that I could request with complete confidence to impress the drunken hordes for approximately three and a half minutes that a superstar had graced them with his presence. Along the way I have stumbled and tasted glory in equal measures, but I have not yet found my Grail. Memories remain in my mind, encouraging me through success, failure and all the hilarity in between and reminding me that life is truly something to be taken with a focus on enjoyment. Here are just a few of those moments:

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Musical Confusical

As a music fan I’m always happy to find new artists to enjoy. I try to listen to new music when I can and I can appreciate that musicians put a lot of effort into their craft.

As a karaoke lover I also like to sing along to the songs that I enjoy. With the exception of the karaoke room, my singing is usually confined to places where others will not have to face my auditory assault – for their (and my) own safety.

Bearing in mind the two facts above, I am today extending the hand of experience to my fellow music lovers. I would also like to raise a cautionary note to musicians everywhere. Over the years I have found numerous new sounds – both original and remixed or resampled and while I have enjoyed hearing these sounds, they have sometimes made a fool of me. This is a situation I hope to steer others clear of.

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Karaoke Is My Kryponite

On any given night out there will always be a point when I mention karaoke. The suggestion is usually followed by a lot of nodding, beaming and sometimes even jumping up and down. When I do that, my friends usually just laugh.

I’ve not always been a karaoke lover. It took me going to Japan to break open the shell of petrification that quickly surrounded my entire boy whenever anyone proposed singing in front of others. Of course, I’ve never had any reservations about other people singing – it was just never really my thing.

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Pet Peeves

Little things annoy us. It’s a fact. In the spirit of understanding, here are a few things that get on my nerves.

This word makes me radioactive!

Saying “Nucular” Instead of “Nuclear”

Sure, just under half the letters in the word are vowels, but it’s not like there are 20 letters in this one. And it has a word you already know in it. I’d be able to deal with people pronouncing it as “nukleer”. Part of me wishes that people who use “nucular” also say things like “It’s such a cular day today, you can see for miles.” See? You are NOT putting the sexy in dyslexia.

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