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A Song For Every Time We’ve Lost

We’ve all had times when life has been less than friendly. Whether it’s something we’ve seen coming or has been a complete suckerpunch, the result is the same – we find ourselves dazed by the result and sometimes, struggling to pick ourselves up and get on with business.

Of the many methods we use to recover, music is one of my favourite. When I find myself semi-conscious on the floor after one of life’s heavy right hooks, my recovery plan is a three stage process involving different types of music. There are many artists and songs that could easily inspire us; I’ve chosen only a couple the many, many songs that I turn up when pulling myself out of one of life’s little wrecks and getting ready for another ride on the rollercoaster.

Allow me to share my recovery-by-music approach with you now…

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My Japanese Travels – The Hiroshima Hills

The sun was rising steadily on an already bustling city as a solitary adventurer made his way out into the morning. He had read about a temple of local significance; one which should definitely be visited if the opportunity ever arose. And here it was, waking up under the lingering haze of the sunrise and with a lumbering energy that would soon become fully charged once its belly was filled. Opportunity pushed the adventurer into the street from the alleyway Inn that provided his bed and his day began.

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