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Chinese Food May Well Be The Death Of Me

There may be a killer lurking at this table...

Everybody knows that Superheroes have their weakness. Whether it’s physical or psychological, it balances their immense power. One of the most important things about being a Superhero is awareness of this weakness, even if only to prepare oneself for exposure to it.

As a ninja WordPress psychic, I would say that I fall into the lower range of Superheroes. Certainly not worthy of working alongside the likes of Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman or any of the hundreds of superheroes out there. However, it is important to note that even the lowly Superheroes are subject to the same laws as the big guns.

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In a move that will possibly provide me with a lifetime position amongst the geeks (thanks TamaraOutLoud), today’s post is a response to some recent activity I’ve noticed on Twitter. As you can see by the blog title,  my attention has been grabbed by the question of super powers and as every true geek knows – it’s SRS BSNS ಠ_ಠ.

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Super-Powered Style Or Arrogant Accessorising?

Since its inception, clothing has been a source of pride for many people. Throughout the centuries fashion has been re-invented, recycled and reproduced across the globe and is one of many ways by which we express ourselves. Fashion accessories highlight our taste and add an even more personal touch to the outer layer that we each present to the World. 

It constantly baffles me that people believe there is much more to fashion than simply expressing yourself, keeping warm and minimising the possibility of being arrested for public nudity. 

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I’m pretty sure I have a superpower. It’s a little bit scary and a little bit thrilling.

It seems that I have some kind of power over WordPress.

The strongest evidence of this comes from yesterday’s post. You’ll remember that it was about the fact that there aren’t many blogs about space and time travel and other such sciencey things. Did you also take a moment to check out today’s Freshly Pressed?

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