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Indiana Jones vs Frodo Baggins – No Brainer!

Clay at EduClaytion has a regular spot on his blog that finds a few movies that are associated by a common thread. He does a nifty write-up about them and then pits them against each other in a voting frenzy from his readers that ultimately declares one the best in that group.

This month, things are a little different. Think “Bruce Banner to Incredible Hulk”. Think “Dr Jekyl to Mr Hyde”. Think “Calm Homer Simpson to Angry Dad”. The usually interesting-but-calm event has exploded into a slobbering, raving, ADHD-infused behemoth!

“Dude, you’re ranting again. What’s the point?” I hear you say. Ok, sorry about that. The point is, I contributed and now I’m involved. Yes – I fed the animal.

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How Did You Find Me?

While I’ve been open to adventure pretty much my entire life, I’ve only been blogging about it for the past four months or so. I have no burning desire to be a famous blogger (although if I was to become popular I wouldn’t be unhappy) and my writing style isn’t textbook so I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Still, I take an interest in those who do read my blog and how some people find me in the massive online universe. I have a few cherished regulars whose blogs I adore and I’m always looking around to see who else is out there. Today’s post is dedicated to those who find my blog with a little help from Google.

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The Lord Of The Rings – A Dreamer’s Dream Destroyed

Even the Fellowship couldn't save me from this fate worse than death.

In 2001, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was released. In 2002, I was living in Japan, teaching English. What follows here is the harrowing tale of how a movie that I quite thoroughly enjoyed now has me teetering on the brink of insanity and engaged in a viscious battle for enjoyment every time I watch it. Read on – at your own peril. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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