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My Japanese Adventures – The Sensational Sakura Safari (Part IV – Kanazawa contd.)

When you’re the Japanese city that produces 99% of your country’s gold leaf, is security fairly important to you? I imagine it would be and it seems that the residents of Kanazawa felt the same way. I have no hard facts to back me up on this, but I do have first-hand imaginary evidence. When I say first hand I mean I was there and when I say imaginary I mean that while I’m not necessarily making the following stuff up; I may be letting my mind construe connections that might be more coincidental than actually factual…

I’d want to protect things like this.

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I Am Ninja, Hear Me … Well, Actually Don’t Hear Me Do Anything

I’ve been conducting some informal research and my preliminary findings are pretty much conclusive – I am a ninja. Or a ghost. Since I’m afraid of ghosts though, and for many other reasons besides, I’m discounting the ghost aspect and going with ninja.

I didn’t ask for this. On the list of things I’d like to be, ninja is pretty low. They ARE cool, don’t get me wrong, but I’d much rather be a werewolf, knight or samurai over a ninja. I believe that those three suit my personality a little better, but you can’t argue with the facts I guess.

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