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Universal Language Bid 2011

This morning I passed a poster that got me thinking. It stated that music was a language that everyone can understand. Naturally, it prompted me to remember the age-old topic of universal language.

In the spirit of the current Commonwealth Games being held in India I present, for your consideration, the applications for Universal Language 2011. They have been required to address four aspects of viability and I ask you to judge them on their merits just as I have.

The candidates are:

1. Promotability

Love: Very easy to promote. It’s everywhere already and doesn’t require any special education to understand. Everyone wants it and wants to share it. It’s easy to discuss, understand and everyone is happy to talk about it. It’s essentially self-promoting; a veritable perpetual motion machine!

Maths: Not necessarily easy to promote – just ask most kids. More often than not, maths = school = uncool. Not many people want to get involved with something that means studying, and maths is one of those things that requires a bit of study to fully understand. Unfortunately, to this moderator, maths loses a lot of ground in this category.

Music: Very easy to promote on its own, but the internet has brought this particular candidate’s promotability to a whole new level! It is possible now to reach billions of people worldwide through technology, bringing music to areas that may have previously subsisted on local talent and inspiration while also now providing a way for local talent to be introduced to the World.

2. Acceptability

Love: It’s already everywhere. There’s nothing that needs to be created – there’s no cost to promotion activities or creation of the feeling of love. Aspects such as wealth, location, environment and intellect pose no boundary to the receipt or giving of love.

Maths: Also existent everywhere, maths is (at least at a primal level) understood by us all. Even plants know maths and they don’t have brains! Working out how far under cover you have to stand to avoid the falling rain? Maths you didn’t even know you were doing. Figuring out how early you have to leave to make it to the markets/movies/pub on time? Maths again. It’s everywhere, even if you aren’t holding a calculator.

Music: Another thing that exists – dare I say it – universally. Whether it’s simple beats on a jungle drum or complex compositions and overtures, music is everywhere. Mothers sing to babies to calm them down, men serenade the women they desire in hopes of winning their heart. Everyone loves good music, and whether their pitch is perfect or not, everyone enjoys singing along.

3. Additional Benefits

Love: Love is not only available to absolutely everyone, but it also brings physical, emotional and mental benefits. It excites us, stimulates us, makes us feel better about everything and gives us the desire to share this feeling with others. It is thrilling, passionate, and inspirational and has been responsible for many wonderful acts of creativity and generosity.

Maths: I’m struggling right now to think of any. I’ve watched Numb3rs and I could possibly say that if you’re smart enough, maths potentially makes you seem psychic but even that pales in comparison to the simple fact that I am living in the future (Australia) already. Wait, I’ve got it! Uniformity. Maths offers rock-solid reason and meticulous, unequivocal logic. There are right and wrong answers and things can only be done in specific ways. Pi = 3.1415etcetera no matter where you are or how you look at it.

Music: Music is incredibly robust, having a specific “alphabet” and at the same time offering a vast amount of creative freedom. This allows people to express themselves in any way they desire while providing a medium that anyone can understand. It engages people, energises them and releases a joyous part of their spirit that can be contagious in its revelry. Music can relate to every emotion in the human soul and can easily change moods in 3:35 or less.

4. Constraints/Issues

Love: Unfortunately, one of the best contenders for Universal Language 2011 is also one of the worst. It can be easily misunderstood given its lack of precise definition and for every pro-love argument there is usually an unfortunate counter-claim. It can be messy, scary and there are also the rumors that it has started wars. An unfortunate blemish on an otherwise excellent case.

Maths: I hate to say it, but maths is boring. I tried – I studied cryptology at university! It was exciting for about a week – and then the math started. Due to its lack of pizzazz, maths can suffer an incredible attention withdrawal due to some of its more technical formulas and methodologies. Asking most people to remember anything beyond BOMDAS is asking for trouble.

Music: Tone-deafness, or pure deafness for that matter. Quite a significant obstacle for music to overcome if it is to be the Universal Language in 2011. Also Milli Vanilli, recorders and tambourines.

These are the three fore-runners for Universal Language 2011. Which should be the winner, claiming the prestigious title and possibly carrying the mantle into the future? Have I missed a contender that needs to be considered? Which would you pick as the Ultimate Universal Language?


6 responses to “Universal Language Bid 2011

  1. Fred October 14, 2010 at 2:14 am

    One might say that Love is a form of energy, and music is a form of vibration ie energy, while maths is a language to quantify both. Unfortunately most people would say that Love is Infinite, which makes Maths a waste of time…”Sleep” is a part of life. Imagine being sleep deprived for two days – it is as good as being a zombie. . . where is the DELETE button?

  2. blisstrack October 13, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    It’s difficult to choose between love and music. DEFINITIVELY not math… 😛
    I want both of them! I don’t want to choose.

    • OpentoAdventure October 13, 2010 at 1:57 pm

      You’re absolutely right my friend, it is a difficult choice. Which I think is why there is currently no holder of the Universal Language title.

      Maybe one day – but hopefully it won’t be maths!

  3. ragrobyn October 12, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    I pick music, but you knew I would because you live in the future! 😀
    Music is math and music is love, it harbors the other contender amongst it’s rhythms. Listening to it can make you a genius in math and fluent in love.

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