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Stars of Tomorrow: The Brains

When I saw the most recent happy snaps of my nephews and niece posted on Facebook, I knew I had to post this. Technically, it’s a guest post and honestly it’s the best Golden Book review I’ve ever seen.

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A Book Review. Kind Of.

This year I resolved to listen to more music and read more books. Because even as a casual and crazy writer it’s important to know words and understand the different writing styles that exist. Even if I never use them myself, I am determined to become better at this hobby of mine.

I’m a bit of a pretty big fantasy geek. This is true for both books and movies. I’ve always loved ancient history and the myths and legends of cultures around the World. Of course, this kind of interest makes for some pretty unusual imaginings and dreams. I’m ok with all of that.

I’ve challenged myself though to expand my horizons beyond the world of mythology and fantasy. At least somewhat. I picked up Wolf Brother’s copy of “Cujo” a couple of months ago; a copy which I believe was handed down to him from my Mum when she had moved on from Stephen King to Patricia Cornwall and James Patterson.

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