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Nutella May Not Lead To Nirvana, But It’s A Start

Tastes heavenly - may not get you in the door though.

February 5th was World Nutella Day. I love Nutella and I was struck with inspiration upon learning this because I had also read that today was apparently Parinirvana Day. I was hoping to tie these two exciting days together to form a hilarious theory (without meaning any disrespect at all to Buddhists everywhere) that Nirvana is reached through digestion of Nutella.

Sadly though, my need to check my facts led me to two disappointing truths:

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Lending Cupid a Hand

You might find this hard to believe, but I know a thing or two about romance.

At high school I was part of a small but very effective team of Love Doctors – not by choice but by necessity. My friends were suffering misread signals and lamenting lost opportunities; I could not stand by and do nothing to help. So I donned my emotional scrubs and got to work. While we were unable to save everyone, we had some very successful outcomes during the life of our practice. This post may mark the beginning of a semi-regular revival of that practice.

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