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The Man Of Steele – Another Anniversary Already?

It’s not a typo. If you came here to read about Superman you might be sorely disappointed. You may not – here’s a link to this Superman Super Site, may you find all the Man of Steel you can handle!

For those who are still with me, it’s time for another birthday post! (and another Sunday post; this is becoming a habit!)

Photo by Jessica Diamond @ Flickr (Creative Commons)

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TGI Friday!!

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of posts over the last two days. Things have been happening and while I’ve been working on posts, each one that I started just fell into disarray and became unworthy of posting. I’ve kept the drafts though with the expectation that at some point I will be able to salvage and rebuild them into something worth spending five minutes of your life reading. 😉

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My Japanese Travels: Nara and Todai-ji

This is a cut and paste from a MySpace blog I wrote. I’ve realised that I’ve said this blog was going to be about Japan and I’ve not written very much about that… 😦

As I’ve said before, and will no doubt repeat again during the course of my life, Japan has been an enormous source of growth, inspiration and awe for me. I could list many reasons why I love Japan as much as I do and why it had such an impact on me – actually I might, I think I’ll post something to that effect later.

For now, relax in your chair (or couch, or bed, or wherever) and come with me on a jaunt down memory lane to a wonderful place in Nara where three young adventurers experienced public transport, wild deer, megalithic homages to gods and a crawl through Buddha’s nostril on their way to enlightenment…

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Mt Fuji - as seen by me from halfway up.

Currently my favourite travelling experience; to be topped only by my someday visit to Alaska was the 24 hour period that contained my trek to the top of Mt Fuji.

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