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Robo-Warriors – Are You Ready To Rumble?!

As a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and CGI I’m always interested in seeing movies that contain one or more of these elements. With the recent release of “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” I was excited to see some great CGI and I’m looking forward to seeing “Real Steel” later this year.

In a moment of “inspirClaytion” I thought I’d convert my blog into a temporary mech-arena and extend a challenge to you, my readers:

Present your finest robotic champion in a pitched battle for the honour of being hailed as the ultimate Robo-Warrior in the known multiverse!

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Twitter – You Are A Dirty Bird.


The bird is dirty...

I don’t mean to dis you or hurt your feelings Twitter but I seriously need to tell you something.

Please stop sending naked women my way.

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Netspeak – I Don’t Support It

I'm pretty sure Baby Jesus is crying right now.

The English language is under seige my friends, rally to me and fight back with all your might! The tide is against us, but we will overcome!

“Techlology” is killing the English language. You know what I’m referring to. What began as a mild mutation of English has distorted almost exponentially into the monstrosity that now assaults so many eyes and ears.

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Multi-dimensional Wonders of the World (of Warcraft)

Brackarn Santhor - Humble, stalwart warrior and dancer extraordinaire

It used to be that when you went marauding heedlessly into a dungeon or chasing the enemy hordes across the battlefield, you knew exactly who you were dealing with. You were usually sitting around a table with your friends and a character sheet in front of you which listed all your strengths and weaknesses, along with the entire contents of your backpack.

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The Cupid Files: Technically, It’s Love

Cupid; one cherubic little angel set with a task that at the time seemed impossibly easy. When there are only two people in the World, how hard can it be to stick them both with a little love and watch the beautiful results? Kudos Cupid, job well done.

Fast forward to the 21st century and it is this single guy’s personal opinion that poor Cupid is suffering from chaos induced delirium. Even though his quiver is bottomless, his drawing arm has become undeniably fatigued by his eternal assignment. He’s drowning in a backlog of work and there’s no sign of him getting a break.

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Doomo Arigato, Mr Roboto

I’m not sure if you’ve all been keeping up with the latest news on robotics and artificial intelligence but there seems to be a lot of advancement in the area lately. Or maybe it’s been happening for a long time but all the results are coming out now, like all these research agencies/companies have had an assignment set and now they have to report on it. I’m not following these developments closely, however it does present a great deal of wonderful and terrifying thought provocation. Or maybe that’s just my mind working overtime again.

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