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I’m A Fashion Victim!

Image courtesy of Andrés Moreira @ Flickr

You’re probably aware of the collapse of the Colorado clothing brand. Ordinarily, this kind of news doesn’t bother me and I must admit that even this situation doesn’t rattle me much. Having said that though, I was always a fan of Colorado. The brand portrayed an outdoors, adventurous style that appealed to me and I found their clothes to be comfortable and reasonably priced. Obviously now I find myself in a tight spot as far as fashion goes – as someone having a “guy sense” when it comes to style, I’m feeling like a bit of a fish out of water.

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Super-Powered Style Or Arrogant Accessorising?

Since its inception, clothing has been a source of pride for many people. Throughout the centuries fashion has been re-invented, recycled and reproduced across the globe and is one of many ways by which we express ourselves. Fashion accessories highlight our taste and add an even more personal touch to the outer layer that we each present to the World. 

It constantly baffles me that people believe there is much more to fashion than simply expressing yourself, keeping warm and minimising the possibility of being arrested for public nudity. 

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When Retro Goes Wrong.

There seems to be a bit of a fascination with all things retro at the moment. I’m no fashionista or trend setter/follower but it’s been pretty obvious that there’s currently a bit of a retro revival going on. Maybe it’s been going on for a while now. I have no issue with people’s taste. It’s their own thing and how they choose to express themselves is their business. I’m not judging.

I was walking through the city yesterday and passed a guy wearing this t-shirt:

Did you really?

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