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Robo-Warriors – Are You Ready To Rumble?!

As a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and CGI I’m always interested in seeing movies that contain one or more of these elements. With the recent release of “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” I was excited to see some great CGI and I’m looking forward to seeing “Real Steel” later this year.

In a moment of “inspirClaytion” I thought I’d convert my blog into a temporary mech-arena and extend a challenge to you, my readers:

Present your finest robotic champion in a pitched battle for the honour of being hailed as the ultimate Robo-Warrior in the known multiverse!

In a build-up towards the release of “Real Steel” in October I’ve decided to dust off the old fight promoter’s cap and see about getting a few adrenaline-charged rounds in with a few of the other hunks of junk that are bouncing around the known universes. If you’ve got a soft spot for sci-fi and have always loved those “who would win the fight” discussions then you’ve come to the right place!

We all know that there are some super cool robots and cyborgs out there. If you’ve read Clay Morgan’s blog at all you might know what I’m getting at here. Back in March, Clay ran a thoroughly successful March Movie Madness blog series where he invited readers to face off against each other in a gritty competition to decide something about which movie was the best for no particular reason.

I’m borrowing that idea, but giving it a little more definition. When your selected fighter is matched up, all you need to do is present your argument as to why he/she is the best. Ask/coerce your friends/family/whoever  to vote for your entrant and enjoy the highs and lows that are part and parcel of imaginary competitive fighting!

Much like Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, the rules for this Battle Royale are simple:

  1. The entrant must be at least 50% robotic (which turns this into a cyborg/robot competition rather than strictly robotic – debates over Ivan Drago’s nomination will be entered into);
  2. The entrant must either be built for combat or be able to participate in combat (i.e. be able to defend themselves if being attacked – which pretty much leaves C-3PO out in the cold);
  3. The entrant must exist in a known science fiction world.

Think you’re tough enough? I’m not sure you’ve got the fight in you, kid. If you want to take a shot at the big league, add a comment below or have your people contact my people. Nominate your prize fighter and I’ll set up the bouts. Entries will close this Friday so I can make sure the bookies get all the odds ironed out.

Once the fights have been organised I’ll post the matches and we’ll get into it. Hits below the belt will be overlooked. Sledging of your opponent will be expected. Only the strongest (or most devious) will survive, so support your fighter and promote their battle for ultimate supremacy! Feel free to invite your friends, relatives and neighbours to the action and remember: mercy is for the weak!

8 responses to “Robo-Warriors – Are You Ready To Rumble?!

  1. ManofSteele July 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    Tony Stark aka IronMan

  2. Jason Emmett July 12, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Hmmm…so I was pretty confident with R2D2, the invincible and super sneaky droid who manages to go through 6 (!) Star Wars movies without a scratch. But I’m also kinda liking Astroboy, my first childhood hero, so I’ll stick with what I know – Astro it is!

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