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How Do They Survive? (The Zombie Conundrum)

I think a lot; about both normal things and abnormal things (I’ll let you decide which sphere I spend the majority of my time in) and this one thing has been bothering me for quite a while. It’s a two-part philosophy that has been part of zombie fiction for as long as it’s been around:

If the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain and zombies eat brains to “survive” – how does the zombie population grow exponentially?

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Science: Actually Discovering New Things Or Just Stating The Obvious In New Ways?

I am a big supporter of Scientists. With their medical breakthroughs and their tireless efforts to find new sources of energy and improve our lives, I’ve always been proud of Scientists and wondered why they’re paid only a fraction of the salaries of sportspeople. New discoveries and hypotheses intrigue me; because I’m a guy who likes to learn stuff. I even chose Science for my practice run through university, where I learned that it is incredibly hard if you haven’t prepared throughout high school. Sometimes, however, I read articles that boggle my mind – but not because they’re super complicated and require Einsteinian intellect to comprehend.

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Guinness World Records – Enhancing Resumes Since 1955

Recently I’ve been hearing about a decrease in the job market. I’m not really worried about it myself, but given the upcoming change in my employment status I figured that I should do a bit of ground-work. You know what I found? I found that ground-work is boring. Then I remembered that lots of companies like people who think outside of boxes. Except probably the companies that make sensory deprivation tanks because after all, they’re boxes made for thinking and basically nothing else. I’m also pretty sure that the guys who make think tanks would be anti-thinking-outside-the-box as well, but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been considering my options at a leisurely pace. Pondering whether it might pay to get a second degree or do some other kind of post-graduate study to help boost my chances of getting a job in a field that I enjoy. That got me thinking about degrees and certificates and other such academia and I began to worry that even with additional certification, I may still be too boring to hire. (On paper at least – I’m usually pretty exciting in person, I swear!) having pieces of paper didn’t seem like enough for me. I’d really like to walk into a potential employer’s office and be able to make an instant impression. Not only on an academic or aesthetic level but also on a level that portrays my passion for my chosen career path.

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Note To Self

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t make use of a time machine if granted the opportunity. Depending on your opinions about time, space and all things cosmic and whether you saw that particular episode of The Simpsons or not, this subject may even be moot for you. Today though, I’m not engaging in discussion about time travel (technically). I’m swapping my Geek cap for an aura of contemplation.

While I may not have access to machinery capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, I’m going to indulge the fantasy of being able to provide my younger self with some advice from my older, marginally wiser self. Given the chance, here are a few things I’d like to say to myself before leaving high school.

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A Business Proposal For The Faint-Hearted.

This morning I had a dream that I was at an enormous AC/DC tribute band audition. Hundreds of AC/DC tribute bands had gathered at a massive showground/festival ground (imagine Woodstock, Big Day Out, Reading Festival, etc) and they were auditioning for the group members who were missing from their band.

Thinking back now, I wonder why my dream didn’t simply have these bands talk to each other and form complete bands with the members of other bands that were already there. Some bands were auditioning drummers and other bands already had drummers, so why didn’t the drummer from one band just go to another band and then the other band just had to either audition for whatever they needed AND a drummer, or they could disband and join other tribute bands.

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188 Days Later

My six month blog-iversary has just passed while I’ve been occupied with other things. I took a break because I’m the kind of guy who needs to take a big step back from everything once in a while to examine how it’s all going.

Suffice to say everything’s going well. Being an Adventurer is hard work I’ve discovered and sometimes it’s not always easy to write about something – or nothing, depending on the situation.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Apathy.

I was an involuntary fireman on two occasions last week, both involving rubbish bins. Neither initiated by me. It dismayed me, not because I was the fireman, but because I was far from being the first on the scene.

I hate to sound like a crazy ranter, but I was very disappointed in the atrocious lack of concern that was displayed by the throngs of people who were carrying out their daily business apparently oblivious to the fire that was burning so very close to them. I’ll clarify.

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To Infinity And Beyond!

It’s probably just me, but have any of you noticed a shortage of blogs about spaceships and/or time travel? Perusing the WordPress blogoverse lately I’ve found plenty of posts about food, family, life, love and all manner of other things but there are very few blogs about space.

Is it just me? Are all the people who think about space, time travel and other associated scientific-esque things not bloggers? Are they blogging but I’m just too ignorant to find their posts? Don’t worry too much about answering those questions; I’m not really concerned. I did search (well, more of a sugar-rush browse really…) and the best I could do was find a few posts about UFOs. Not exactly what I had hoped.

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Nachtreverie? Dozefancy? Sandmanfling?

There is no antonym for “Nightmare”. This fact vexes me greatly.

This morning I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me about her unpleasant night’s sleep due to a recurring nightmare she has been plagued with for most of her life. My heart sank to hear this and long after it settled heavily in my small intestine I was still thinking about how it seems that nightmares have a nasty habit of showing up again and again. Now I have a theory about why.

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Multi-dimensional Wonders of the World (of Warcraft)

Brackarn Santhor - Humble, stalwart warrior and dancer extraordinaire

It used to be that when you went marauding heedlessly into a dungeon or chasing the enemy hordes across the battlefield, you knew exactly who you were dealing with. You were usually sitting around a table with your friends and a character sheet in front of you which listed all your strengths and weaknesses, along with the entire contents of your backpack.

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