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The Motion of the Ocean

I don’t want this to come across as a serious post. Seriously. I’m trying to work a new angle here, it’s why I moved away from MySpace – well, for that reason mainly but also because MySpace seems to be tangled in the internets instead of chomping big holes in the World Wide Web like Facebook and Twitter…

I’m moving into my new unit at the end of the week. And I’m VERY excited! This week is the week of packing, last week having been the arduous “clean-out” (that never actually got completed, for reasons of laziness and sunshine) and I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to my current place and getting into something new. This week and next will see me sans-internet, so the blogs will be thin on the ground. I might try to post a few in quick succession so that my dedicated readers (thanks Mum) will have something to peruse while I’m gone.

Anyone who’s moved will know the excitement I’m referring to, and I’ve decided to try to extend the zest into other areas of my life. I’ve never really been a New Year’s resolver since I believe that if you want to make a change you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to one day to decide what you’d like to do differently, or better, or more often.

Lots of people hate the packing and cleaning part of moving. I find it somewhat cathartic myself. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s something about making a conscious decision to let go of some things and replace them that makes me feel like I’m reaching a new stage of personal evolution, becoming something a little more improved and that always gives me a better outlook on everything. Of course, there’s the nostalgic pause that comes with this activity to consider, and while I’ll be happy enough to say goodbye to the Magic 8 Ball, Indy will be coming with me.

Mighty Mugg Indy

I’m only moving across town, but I’m looking forward to the new place. A new environment to explore, new things to discover. I always love doing that. When I lived in Japan I started walking around my neighbourhood just to see what was happening and I found so many interesting things (including one of the most amazing hillside shrines & lookouts that you will ever see!) that I’ve made sure to explore every new neighbourhood on foot ever since.

So all the boring calls have been made and I am assured of light, cooking power and telephony on the day I move in. The only thing I’ll be awaiting is connection of the internet, but I can pass the time by roaming my new streets and patiently waiting for my ISP to make the appropriate connection – although I’ll still have to keep up with Girl on the Contrary and a few other blogs, so I’ll just have to do that at the office.

So another interesting step forward awaits me, and I am keen to take it. Like everyone, I’ve made mistakes along the way, but the things I’ve lived through and gained have been well worth the continued forward motion. If you’re not doing anything this Saturday, feel free to join me and my friends in some house-moving excitement!



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