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Super-Powered Style Or Arrogant Accessorising?

Since its inception, clothing has been a source of pride for many people. Throughout the centuries fashion has been re-invented, recycled and reproduced across the globe and is one of many ways by which we express ourselves. Fashion accessories highlight our taste and add an even more personal touch to the outer layer that we each present to the World. 

It constantly baffles me that people believe there is much more to fashion than simply expressing yourself, keeping warm and minimising the possibility of being arrested for public nudity. 

This post is a notice. Mainly for the guys who believe that their clothing offers them some kind of superpower or metaphysical boon. As a superhuman ninja blogvoyant it is my duty to inform you that your clothes – or more specifically your accessories DO NOT GRANT YOU ANY SUPER POWERS. What you currently believe is incorrect.

To be clear, I have no quarrel with fashion, clothing or accessories. I will never be passionate about these things and I know that my own choice of apparel sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. I turn to Wolf Brother and other friends and family for help with updating my wardrobe as I have a very conservative taste.

Others, on the other hand, seem to be of the opinion that their clothing and/or accessories offer them powers of invisibility, superhuman strength and fighting ability, heightened charisma, super speed or any number of other abilities or attributes. 

This message goes out to those guys who believe that dressing themselves in the morning is more than a simple gesture of respect to the outside World. Those who don their guise and seemingly undergo a Clark Kent/Superman transformation.

Guy at the traffic lights who believes his headphones make him invisible and therefore can stand blatantly ogling a female passer-by; I’m talking to you. Dude who strode obnoxiously in front of me this morning, believing that your black outfit and sunglasses made you some kind of neo-gothic hero and forcing me to stagger my steps to stop kicking your heels, I’m glaring at the back of your head.

Unless your article of clothing or fashion accessory has been forged at the anvil of Hephaestus, enchanted by Harry Potter and Co.  or is one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain, chances are it’s a mundane, super-power bereft (albeit potentially snazzy-looking) item. So please remember this and don’t act as though your sunglasses make everyone cower in fear and reverence or that your headphones grant you the power of invisibility.

It seems to be mainly the sunglasses and headphones that make some people believe that there are Worldly forces that don’t apply to them. Sometimes it’s the whole ensemble that makes a person think they have been infused with some kind of awesomeness beyond simply looking good. I’m here today to say “No”.

Your outfit may look fantastic, I’m not debating the style aspect. Is it made from Phoenix feathers? The hide of the Nemean lion? I didn’t think so. Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vitton and Armani are great designers, but they’re working with polyester, cotton, plastic and metal alloys. Despite the messages their advertisements may purvey, the best thing that can happen to you is that you will look good.

If you’re still hoping to become something more than yourself, maybe have a look over David Dunn’s or Hancock’s wardrobe. Notice the lack of sunglasses and headphones. Buy yourself a simple poncho and baseball cap or beanie and maybe you have something to work with.


4 responses to “Super-Powered Style Or Arrogant Accessorising?

  1. The Good Greatsby April 18, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I feel like men have so few options for accessories. I wish I could wear accessories, but for some reason it’s annoying when men look like they’re trying too hard to look good or cool.

  2. Ben April 13, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    The best thing about all the people sporting designer wears is that about 98% of them are fakes and it is blatently, bloody obvious from the people wearing them or sporting accessroies that they didn’t pay thousands of dollars for them! The sad thing is, these items are made in squalid, sweat shop conditions in Asia.

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