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In a move that will possibly provide me with a lifetime position amongst the geeks (thanks TamaraOutLoud), today’s post is a response to some recent activity I’ve noticed on Twitter. As you can see by the blog title,  my attention has been grabbed by the question of super powers and as every true geek knows – it’s SRS BSNS ಠ_ಠ.

The question itself is a fairly common conversation piece and some (geeks and/or psychology nerds) may discuss the greater implications of the answer one gives. If you check out the Twitterverse hashtag you’ll see that many responses are fairly selfish and defensive, while others are heartwarming desires to improve the lives of others and heal the World. I totally respect and admire that.

While I personally consider it a stretch to say I’m any kind of Geek, I cannot deny that I have a knowledge of comic-book heroes. Some of my favourite movies involve superheroes, superpowers or characters that are so awesome that THEY MUST BE IMBUED WITH SUPERPOWERS. Naturally, my inner geek (no matter how much I try to deny his existence) has taken the question on board and begun serious consideration. Of course, what kind of geek would I be if I were to rashly sputter out a response? No kind, that’s for damn certain.

So began the research. Review of the existing input from Twitterers across the globe has given me considerable food for thought already but I’m always one to seek more information in the hope of making an informed decision here. I like having references and am not adverse to reading an awful lot of information about a topic. Wikipedia offers a magnificent superpower matrix that provides a place to start if you want to seriously consider what your superpower might be.

Of course, if we approach the question from the perspective that hypothetically, a genie has appeared before you and offered to GIVE you the first superpower that rolls off your tongue I don’t want to mess this opportunity up. With a little more digging on one of my favourite websites that is clearly all about the facts – I found the following articles which provide amazing logic to a situation that is often overwhelmed by excitement:

  • 7 Awesome Superpowers – Ruined By Science – More of an informative piece to curtail any loss of reasoning caused by the gravity of the question (although seriously, this one isn’t so much of a problem for real geeks…)

I still don’t have an answer; only more to think about.

What about you, do you know what your superpower would be? More interestingly (for those who like to get a bit creative) – HOW would you have obtained this power?


2 responses to “#mysuperpowerwouldbe

  1. Tamara June 18, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Look at you with all your research– classic nerd. But the superpower fixation– that’s all geek, man.

    You’re welcome. 😉

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