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Nutella May Not Lead To Nirvana, But It’s A Start

Tastes heavenly - may not get you in the door though.

February 5th was World Nutella Day. I love Nutella and I was struck with inspiration upon learning this because I had also read that today was apparently Parinirvana Day. I was hoping to tie these two exciting days together to form a hilarious theory (without meaning any disrespect at all to Buddhists everywhere) that Nirvana is reached through digestion of Nutella.

Sadly though, my need to check my facts led me to two disappointing truths:

  1. Parinirvana Day isn’t officially celebrated until February 15th;
  2. The average human digestion process doesn’t even take 3 days, let alone stretch out to a possible 10.

Obviously Karma had me covered on this one; I’ve successfully avoided offending Buddhists today.

Thinking further about February, special occasions and karma I’ve decided to continue writing today’s post anyway. Using my skills as an investigatory journalist I’ve identified some very interesting facts that will help us all balance out, top up or even bank up interest on our karma reserves.

And who doesn’t love building up karma? Like flexi-time for Government workers, over time a little bit here and there can work out to be extremely beneficial.

It turns out that February is a month for everyone and this year is a 28-day (well, 20 now) period for us all to do something nice without really even having to try.

Of course there’s Valentine’s Day – a day of love that seems to be attracting a bit of cynicism these days but is still an opportunity to share your heart with the one you love (or possibly just let someone know anonymously that you have a crush on them, whatever floats your love boat) but for those out there who are still seeking their match, you can also take heart. February is also National Single and Searching Month.

You read it right. Lovers get a day, singles get a month. I’m not exactly sure how you celebrate it though – I know that many singles don’t want to go through a whole month hearing all that guff that apparently falls under the category of “supportive words and encouragement”. And what about those who are just single and aren’t searching? Are they to receive rolled eyes and upturned noses? I say no! But I’m getting off topic here…

If you don’t have a person to love, but do have a pet that you love, remember February 20th. It’s Love Your Pet Day. And for those of us who also love potatoes, February is again going to put a smile on your face. It’s Potato Lover’s Month. I kid you not. February has love for everyone.

Back to karma though. This month there are many opportunities to capitalise on your karma. It’s International Boost Self-Esteem Month and Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month so get out there and throw a few earnest compliments around to those who need them – and those who don’t. It’s also National Caffeine Addiction Awareness Month, so hug a caffeine addict when you get the chance.

If you’re not that big on complimenting others or hugging caffeine addicts then there are still things you can do. Take a stroll down to your local park or other area where birds gather with a bag of bread and participate in National Bird Feeding Month. Maybe organise a weekend event in your neighbourhood to really get things going!

Finally, there’s the cherry on the cake. Above everything I’ve listed here, there is one penultimate karmic activity that February officially recognises:

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month.

Karmic KA-CHING! Cosmic paydirt!

I suggest getting a small army together for this one, you will not regret it. I’m sure that in your neighbourhood or suburb there are many, many homeless trolleys (shopping carts). Fish them out of your storm drains or lakes, gather them from the streets they are living in and return them to their rightful home. The cold, steely gaze accompanying their wordless thanks will resound in your soul for the rest of your life.

Go now, my brothers and sisters of the universe. Seek the karma that is so rightfully yours and embrace it. Or buy a jar of Nutella and celebrate a belated World Nutella Day. Whichever seems more appropriate to you.

P.S. All these “holidays” were found at a website called They may or may not be real. Wikipedia has been unable to help me confirm or deny their actual existence and I cannot say which Nation is being referred to. It could be mine, it could be yours. It could be the Nation of The Profit Margin of…


9 responses to “Nutella May Not Lead To Nirvana, But It’s A Start

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  2. The Compulsive Writer February 10, 2011 at 5:18 am

    I love Nutella and Nirvana. Never thought about eating Nutella while listening to Nirvana until now. Hummmm, I may be on to something. Fun post.

  3. therosebandit February 9, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Mr. Adventure,
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the “most stylish blogger” award! Please see my latest post for details and your 15 seconds of fame! 😉

  4. Fred February 8, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Think chocolate ice-cream, with Nutella topping, with choc chips and choc rice, with choc wafers, and a rocky road. Second thought – having the snack without having the stress of going to work or having to go anywhere afterwards 🙂 THAT is what a relaxing holiday consists of.

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