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Musical Confusical

As a music fan I’m always happy to find new artists to enjoy. I try to listen to new music when I can and I can appreciate that musicians put a lot of effort into their craft.

As a karaoke lover I also like to sing along to the songs that I enjoy. With the exception of the karaoke room, my singing is usually confined to places where others will not have to face my auditory assault – for their (and my) own safety.

Bearing in mind the two facts above, I am today extending the hand of experience to my fellow music lovers. I would also like to raise a cautionary note to musicians everywhere. Over the years I have found numerous new sounds – both original and remixed or resampled and while I have enjoyed hearing these sounds, they have sometimes made a fool of me. This is a situation I hope to steer others clear of.

Have you ever found yourself hearing a song start playing and thought the tune was familiar? Maybe it’s a song you love, or is one your friends love. Maybe it’s a song you know because it has some kind of significance in your life. If you’re anything like me, you pick the tune up in your head and begin running ahead with it, opening your memory up to the words, the sounds, the thoughts and feelings of all that this particular song inspires in you.

Suddenly – you come to a shuddering halt when you find out that you are wrong.

The song you were sure was beginning is actually a completely different song! Possibly even in a different genre! What you were expecting to be a slow, melodic and relaxing tune turns unexpectedly into a harsh, adrenalin-enducing rock machine. Or it turns from a hip hop tribute into a song for a princess.

However it works out, you suddenly find yourself in a state of confusion, floundering in your mind as the words you were looking forward to never arrive. The tune twists, the melody melts and the whole song evolves into something completely different.

Or maybe (also like me) you just shrug your shoulders and sing along anyway, knowing that you’ve already committed yourself to opening your mouth and more than probably making a fool of yourself anyway. So why not add a touch of embarrassment to the mix? Because after all, if someone gets a laugh out of it then it’s a job well done.

If you aren’t like me though and your dignity is important to you; take note of the following songs that I have found along my musical explorations. It might just be me, but these are paired examples of tunes that share a very similar start, but end up in completely different places.

Then again, my ears could just be deceiving me. You be the judge.

My Backwards Walk (Frightened Rabbit)

Back in Black (AC/DC)

Under Pressure (Queen)

Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)

Astair (Matt Costa) – The song starts at 0:22

Emily (Jewel)

I’ll Be Missing You (P. Diddy featuring Faith Evans) – The song starts at 0:15

Every Breath You Take (Sting & The Police)

Are there any others that should be added to this list? It may be worth compiling some sort of reference guide for those who wish to keep their musical respect intact.

Also, for those who found some new music here today – You’re welcome.


4 responses to “Musical Confusical

  1. educlaytion February 8, 2011 at 8:37 am

    So true. This reminds me of the Four Chords routine by Axis of Awesome, the funny guys from Down Under which is where you are! Here’s a sampling.

  2. therosebandit February 8, 2011 at 1:57 am

    Thanks for the music this morning! What a great way to start things off!! 😀

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