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Pet Peeves

Little things annoy us. It’s a fact. In the spirit of understanding, here are a few things that get on my nerves.

This word makes me radioactive!

Saying “Nucular” Instead of “Nuclear”

Sure, just under half the letters in the word are vowels, but it’s not like there are 20 letters in this one. And it has a word you already know in it. I’d be able to deal with people pronouncing it as “nukleer”. Part of me wishes that people who use “nucular” also say things like “It’s such a cular day today, you can see for miles.” See? You are NOT putting the sexy in dyslexia.

The Office Firewall.

I understand your function and the need to have you in my place of work but when you block a blog I like to read you cross the line. Similarly, when you make it difficult for me to look up information from official, work-related sites because of your bizarre rules annoys me. Crazy invisible techno-barrier – I’m glaring at you.

The Soccer Fall.

I know soccer is a game of agility. Unlike Gridiron, Rugby Union and Rugby League there is no expectation that your opponent will knock you to the ground. Even so, it is a sport that will involve contact – the soccer tackle IS a game tactic. Harden up lads. I fear that one day, soccer will become the new Wrestling. Well, I really just envy people who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to miss goals and roll around in the grass.

Snipers That Can’t Shoot.

Of course I’m referring to the movies here and French guy from Die Hard 4.0 – I’m looking right at you. Your target was standing right in front of that window for about 4 seconds. You had a perfect shot and you STILL missed! What is up with that?! More generally, and unfortunately it’s always the case for evil snipers; you take 15 minutes to put together your rifle so it’s obviously pretty special and then you either wing them or you miss completely! It makes me sigh heavily. *SIGH* (I realise that effective evil snipers would make a lot of action movies much shorter and less emotionally rewarding, but as this post says – it’s a peeve.)

Double Question Marks.

I did about a minute of research on this one to support my peeve case. I hoped to find that there is an actual grammatical purpose for putting two of these suckers right next to each other and you know what I found? There isn’t one. A website about creating comic book speech bubbles taught me (a lot about comic book speech bubbles…) that you can have a question mark and an exclamation point next to each other. So instead of being annoyed by something that actually exists, I’m completely justified in being annoyed at something that doesn’t. I’m not blind. I see the first one and I recognise that a question is being asked. If drama is what you’re after, put an exclamation mark in there as well (refer to my previous peeve, made all the more dramatic due to the “?!” combination). Two question marks says to me that you are questioning your own question and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be asking me the question you’re unsure of asking. Because questioning a question instead of just asking it makes a mockery of the whole question asking process.

“They Could Lose One of Their Own”

This single phrase is the reason I’ve stopped watching crime dramas on TV. Almost every single advertisement I see about these shows has this line or some variation in it. It’s all well and good to hype up the drama but when I see another ad a week later, all the characters are ok. I’m glad to see that, but it annoys me that there seems to be a constant danger that someone’s going to die. We all know it’s the nature of the job when you’re chasing bad guys. It’s what you signed up for. Of course I don’t WANT you to die, but at the same time it’s like saying “There may be no songs in the library” when you’re going to sing karaoke. Chances are it’s not going to happen.

People Who Stop to Talk in Doorways or at the Top/Bottom of Escalators.

I understand that you are the centre of your universe and that all of existence should fall to their knees and worship you, grateful for your very presence. Unfortunately for you, I’m not in your universe – I’m in mine. It occurs to me that doorways and escalators must work differently in your universe. In mine though, they’re thoroughfares and are commonly used by many people who are going somewhere. Standing right in the middle of the entrance or where people are getting on or off an escalator is not cool. The Fonz knows this. You should too.

Please feel free to share your own, it’s always fun to get these things out every now and then.



7 responses to “Pet Peeves

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  2. Fred September 14, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Pet peeve. . . when some calls me at home, and asks, “where are you?”

  3. ragrobyn September 14, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    It is a pet peeve of mine that people feel the need too deep fry everything. The latest thing is butter. I know…can you say heart attack on a plate? I also heard about deep fried beer. But to me that is fish batter. Also not good for the arteries.
    It also annoys me that I want to do a pet peeve blog now. You and Girl on the Contrary have done it, likely Running man has, and i think I should too. Look for it! Fun post!

    • OpentoAdventure September 14, 2010 at 3:28 pm

      Deep fried butter and beer? I certainly can say heart attack on a plate. And yet I’m intrigued. Maybe I should have just one bite – so I can say that I’ve tried it and it’s gross.

      I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your pet peeves post, it’s always good to share.

  4. Meg September 14, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    The office firewall was never one of my worries when I was working in an office situation due to being the person looking after said firewalls. But one client I worked for had this funky firewall that was so bad it didn’t even let you access other areas of the network, which as a contractor doing data base work was a PITA.

    “They Could Lose One of Their Own” -check behind the couch.

    “People Who Stop to Talk in Doorways or at the Top/Bottom of Escalators.” Now this topic is very close and painful to me, this was the reason for me fracturing my elbow about two year ago. I was working at the local Primary school and was walking from the office to the teachers lunch room, and two of the teachers and a parents were standing around the front door, and being the ever polite person I am, I walked around them and stood on a edging of the garden area near the steps, and due to it being rotten (unknown to me at the time) I went for a spill and landed on the concrete.
    Honestly the drop and roll they teach you in crash test dummy school doesn’t always work, and I had a hairline fracture of my ulna (elbow joint)

    • OpentoAdventure September 14, 2010 at 3:33 pm

      I didn’t realise there could be worse firewalls out there then the one that holds my blogs to ransom, but you have shown me that they are all evil and need to be destroyed.

      I just hope that those teachers and parents learned how their loitering destroys lives. It should be a crime I say! I think it might be time for you to find a better place to learn defensive techniques – I’ve heard that the crash test dummy schools don’t give good value for money…

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