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Stars of Tomorrow: The Brains

When I saw the most recent happy snaps of my nephews and niece posted on Facebook, I knew I had to post this. Technically, it’s a guest post and honestly it’s the best Golden Book review I’ve ever seen.

Super Sister and her husband JAG (I will refer to him as such here because if you ever see a picture of him, you’ll agree that he could definitely pass for David James Elliott; who plays the character of Cpt. Harmon Rabb Jr. on the TV show JAG) are two of the most awesome people in the World. I’m not just saying that because I’m related to one of them by blood, either. They’re two of the kindest, nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The stork has paid them multiple visits over the years and they are currently catering to the needs of three energetic, exciting and generally wonderful toddlers. For the time being I shall refer to them as The Brains, The Brawn and The Beauty. I’m not profiling; they all possess pretty much equal quantities of all three of those traits but each seems to rely a little more on one in particular that I’ve noticed.

The Brains will turn seven this year and like all children, he’s developed a unique and striking personality. He’s friendly, energetic and inquisitive but his focus is on the intellectual. He’s a very intelligent kid and will question everything. He’ll also tell you the answer and he’s always right. Nevermind what your college professor, Britannica or Wikipedia might say about something; The Brains knows best.

Super Sister and JAG actively encourage learning and naturally their children have access to books of all different varieties. Recently, The Brains read “How The Turtle Got Its Shell” and it would seem that the book had a profound effect on him. The review he produced was an unsolicited masterpiece that he obviously felt compelled to write due to the wide range of emotions the tale stirred within his heart. I’d offer a synopsis but I think The Brains says everything that needs to be said in his write-up.

Read this book. You will feel joyfool and engerey.

If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry and learn a valuable lesson about turtles – you should consider The Brains’ recommendation. Personally, I think this kid’s got a bright future ahead of him.

(Aside: I’ve decided that I have to come up with a new alias for Super Sister. That reference just doesn’t do her justice and even I want to raise my eyebrow at myself and say “You weren’t really trying that time, were you?”)

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