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A Song For Every Time We’ve Lost

We’ve all had times when life has been less than friendly. Whether it’s something we’ve seen coming or has been a complete suckerpunch, the result is the same – we find ourselves dazed by the result and sometimes, struggling to pick ourselves up and get on with business.

Of the many methods we use to recover, music is one of my favourite. When I find myself semi-conscious on the floor after one of life’s heavy right hooks, my recovery plan is a three stage process involving different types of music. There are many artists and songs that could easily inspire us; I’ve chosen only a couple the many, many songs that I turn up when pulling myself out of one of life’s little wrecks and getting ready for another ride on the rollercoaster.

Allow me to share my recovery-by-music approach with you now…

Songs To Pick You Up Off The Floor

Get angry. Because for whatever reason, something went wrong or was lost. Embrace the rage and focus it in a positive direction. Personally, I point it at my adversary the treadmill. If he’s too cowardly to take me on, I’ll use my energy in some other way at the gym or to run/exercise my frustration/sorrow out of my system. Because when you’re fighting back, you need to be fighting fit.

One thing I’ve learned also is that while it might be comfortable or seemingly safe down there on the floor; life’s not one to stop because you’ve fallen down. If you’re unlucky, it’ll steamroll you without a second thought. A couple of songs that put the fire back in my chest are these:

The Pretender – Foo Fighters

ULTRAnumb – Blue Stahli

Songs to Keep The Momentum Going

Just getting up isn’t enough. You’ve got to show life that you aren’t someone to be taken lightly. Sure, you just took a battering but there’s still plenty for you to do. You may not be raging anymore but the energy is still there; because you know that you deserve better and the only way to get it is by keeping up your momentum!

I Want It All/We Will Rock You – Queen (feat. Armageddon)

Cobrastyle – Teddybears (feat. Mad Cobra)

Songs To Remind You That You Will Be Fine

Once you’re back on your feet and moving forward, it’s good to level your head out. Whatever happened, it’s important to remember that life is a good thing. You are not any kind of failure – you’re just learning more about yourself. Some things work and some don’t; all it means is that there’s more for you to discover.

There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You – Ben Folds

I Still Believe – Frank Turner (I just CANNOT get enough of this song, I find the filmclip just enthralling!)

Wallowing is all well and good for a period following a cosmic suckerpunch. Feeling sorry for yourself, misunderstood, or taken advantage of is fair enough but there comes a time when the lesson of the situation needs to be accepted and growth needs to occur.

Which tunes/artists help you face some of the harder moments in life?


8 responses to “A Song For Every Time We’ve Lost

  1. bearyweather July 6, 2011 at 9:58 am

    When I am really down from a “sucker punch” of life, I must admit, I like to wallow in the sad songs for awhile … and there are millions of them. We all have sadness at times and spending time with those songs help me realize it eventually. You can only stay sad for so long and then you need to “Do Something” by The Eagles … the song is pretty much a summary of your post. (
    On the album (Long Road Out of Eden, the newest one), they follow that song up appropriately with “You Are Not Alone” …

    ….. “Sing … sing a song …. “

  2. educlaytion July 6, 2011 at 1:39 am

    Music is a huge part of my life. Love Foo Fighter by the way. I’ve got a lot of songs for different times. One connection I like is using Evanescence for preparing my classroom presentations. This really only works while I’m in my office at work. Also, 10 Years is good when I want to write a moving scene. Cool post!

  3. Fred July 5, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    Songs also remind us of events. ‘Stand By Me’ was the graduating high school song, ‘A jiggy jig time,’ or something by the Spice Girls will always stick in my head as it was sung after a grueling but successful seminar. However this one from Sesame Street is my childhood favourite:
    Sing… sing a song…. make it simple… to last your whole life long…. it does not matter if you think it is not good for anyone else to hear…. just sing…. sing a song.

    • Christian Emmett July 6, 2011 at 9:05 am

      Absolutely! I think it’s great to have music that reminds us of things we’ve enjoyed (or endured) during our lives.

      Keep singing that song Fred, let’s see if we can start a chorus.

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