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Inspiring Muppets

Inspiration comes from many sources. The beautiful sunrise that started one of the best days of your life; those words of wisdom that someone you look up to took the time to impart to you; that crazy possum that keeps scratching on your roof and waking you up at all hours of the night… Inspiration. To write, to act, to change, to get a torch and shine it madly into the night while screaming at THAT DAMNED POSSUM TO LEAVE YOU THE HECK ALONE!!

Sometimes inspiration hits us like a freight train and others (like that possum…) it works its magic in the background, building a slow crescendo until it finally becomes the creation or action it was intended to be. Regardless of its origin, or the time in which it introduces itself to us; inspiration surrounds us each and every day. As an imaginitive child I drew inspiration from many sources (much as all children do I suppose) and one of those inspirations that I recall fondly was a puppet. Not just any puppet though.

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