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Unconventional Rom-Coms – A Top 10

Today I saw “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”. If you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favour and watch it as soon as you can! After laughing my way through this movie and loving it, I thought I’d throw together a list of my current top 10 favourite “unconventional” rom-coms.

You might be able to deduce from the list why I say they’re unconventional. While they all meet the standard requirements of the Romantic Comedy genre, they tell their stories in a unique and interesting way. To me, love is an unpredictable creature, that can be found in the ost unexpected places and will reveal itself to us in ways we may never see coming. The things we will do to win the heart of our love and the things we are willing and/or able to endure for their affection and attention can be extreme, embarrassing or downright crazy; and the movies that make up my list are my favourite examples of how things may not always go according to plan, but there is always an adventure to be had in the endeavour!

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