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My Japanese Adventures – The Sensational Sakura Safari (Part II – Hiroshima contd.)

Welcome back! If you are just joining me now, the beginning of the story outlining my recent trip to Japan with my Dad can be found here.

The first leg of our Japanese adventure had us heading to Hiroshima, where we would pack two days with all the sightseeing and atmosphere we could before moving on to our next destination. We checked into our backpacker accommodation and after a quick refresh, hit the pavement and headed straight towards our primary point of interest – the Hiroshima Peace Park. We made our way along the streets at a leisurely pace, taking in the new surroundings with curiosity and, at least for me, a slightly heavy heart given the city’s history.

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My Japanese Adventures – The Sensational Sakura Safari (Part I – Hiroshima)

The good thing about writing random posts about topics that all sorts of crazies people like to read and using images that are popular with all sorts of crowds is that when you stop writing for a while, you can come back and still be happy with your readership stats. If you’re all about stats, that’s a real plus. If you’re more about the small, wonderful group of readers you’ve found yourself amongst then it’s not so good. While I find myself paying keen attention to my site stats, I’m more interested in those few people that I have either known for a while or have become closer to through the kinship of writing because we must.

You know I haven’t written for a while now, I won’t linger on that. What I will do instead is tell you now about my visit to Hiroshima. If you’ve followed my blog for a long while, you’ll know that I’ve been there once already and had quite the experience on my last trip. This time, however, my experience was just as memorable – but for completely wonderful reasons. My father and I flew over to Japan for a two-week adventure back in April (just in time for my birthday). Our itinerary had four stops on the map and Hiroshima was the first. We had planned our trip so that it coincided with the Cherry Blossom season and this made our experience absolutely unforgettable!

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If You Were Wondering, So Was I…

Wow – almost two months has passed with nary a peep from me here. I cannot apologise enough for that. If it helps, I am fine. I’m torn between going into immense detail and keeping it simple. I think I’ll go with the latter. The explanation for my absence is, after all, quite simple. After leaving my last job, I moved out of my old unit and went on another Japanese adventure with my Dad. Upon my return there was the excitement of moving into my new place and finding my groove. Now that everything’s settling down (and I have internet access!), it’s time to get back into the blog!

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March Movie Madness Is Back!

Well my mate Clay’s at it again – March Movie Madness is underway again! This year he’s asked us to pit some of the greatest movie heroes/protagonists against each other in an all out brawl for the title of Champion. Some of the entrants have their eye on the prize and will do anything to get it; others may have it thrust upon them regardless of their desire to remain in the background.

This year I was slow off the mark and missed out on backing Indy. I was also deprived of a couple of backup heroes and that makes this competition a real fight for me. So I went with one of the toughest fighters that cinema has ever produced – “Mad” Max Rockatansky.

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How Do They Survive? (The Zombie Conundrum)

I think a lot; about both normal things and abnormal things (I’ll let you decide which sphere I spend the majority of my time in) and this one thing has been bothering me for quite a while. It’s a two-part philosophy that has been part of zombie fiction for as long as it’s been around:

If the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain and zombies eat brains to “survive” – how does the zombie population grow exponentially?

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Say What?!

I was reading my friends’s’s’ (what’s the grammar there again? Possessive plurals get me every time!) blogs the other day and I stumbled upon something. Something that I’d missed last year and something that seemed to now be in its prime for me. After watching Renée welcome the first snow of the season (and am I understanding correctly that it came a little late?) with a celebratory dance, I visited her YouTube channel and had a bit of a look around. Because I like to see what my international friends get up to when you point a camera at them. I’d do the same for my local friends, but they seem to be a little camera-shy…

At any rate, I saw Renée’s video response to Jessica Buttram’s response to Jamie’s Rabbits’s response to … well you get the picture and I felt inspired to add my own input to the process. Now the overall Project is most likely well and truly finished, but some of my cyber-buddies have mentioned that they would like to hear my accent. So here it is:

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Science: Actually Discovering New Things Or Just Stating The Obvious In New Ways?

I am a big supporter of Scientists. With their medical breakthroughs and their tireless efforts to find new sources of energy and improve our lives, I’ve always been proud of Scientists and wondered why they’re paid only a fraction of the salaries of sportspeople. New discoveries and hypotheses intrigue me; because I’m a guy who likes to learn stuff. I even chose Science for my practice run through university, where I learned that it is incredibly hard if you haven’t prepared throughout high school. Sometimes, however, I read articles that boggle my mind – but not because they’re super complicated and require Einsteinian intellect to comprehend.

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Learning Lessons With Teachers and Twits.

My brilliant friend Renée over at Lessons From Teachers and Twits is one amazing lady. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer and teacher, she’s also a beautiful human being. Part of her awesomeness is her ability to relate to people, as evidenced by a collaboration project she started a while back now. When Renée sent out the invitation to all readers of her blog to contribute to this sharing of stories, I jumped at the chance. The project is a simple one – Share with other readers a lesson that you have learned and that has stuck with you during your life. Simplicity, I’ve found, often leads to the best and most varied outcomes, as you can read if you check out the posts submitted by other contributors.

Yesterday it was my turn and I am so very excited to be a part of such an excellent community. Without further ado, allow me to direct your attention towards the magnificent blog of Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson who has kindly hosted my reflection on one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned: If we never fail, then we may never know how successful we can really be. This onés dedicated to a music teacher of mine. Thanks, Mrs. Smith.

Just click on Renée’s pic below and you’ll be transported to her blog and my post!

It’s How Big?! You Must Be Trippin’!

If you’ve been keeping up with my friend The Good Greatsby (if you ask him, he’ll deny it – that’s just one of our in-jokes…) you’ll have seen that he recently revealed some startling truths about my fair country, Australia. One of these truths is that we have a collection of BIG THINGS that you can visit to make your trip to Australia even more memorable. Of course, if you are planning to visit Australia and want to make it the most memorable thing you’ll ever do, involve me. You will not regret it. (Well, I won’t regret it. I can make THAT promise.)

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Guinness World Records – Enhancing Resumes Since 1955

Recently I’ve been hearing about a decrease in the job market. I’m not really worried about it myself, but given the upcoming change in my employment status I figured that I should do a bit of ground-work. You know what I found? I found that ground-work is boring. Then I remembered that lots of companies like people who think outside of boxes. Except probably the companies that make sensory deprivation tanks because after all, they’re boxes made for thinking and basically nothing else. I’m also pretty sure that the guys who make think tanks would be anti-thinking-outside-the-box as well, but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been considering my options at a leisurely pace. Pondering whether it might pay to get a second degree or do some other kind of post-graduate study to help boost my chances of getting a job in a field that I enjoy. That got me thinking about degrees and certificates and other such academia and I began to worry that even with additional certification, I may still be too boring to hire. (On paper at least – I’m usually pretty exciting in person, I swear!) having pieces of paper didn’t seem like enough for me. I’d really like to walk into a potential employer’s office and be able to make an instant impression. Not only on an academic or aesthetic level but also on a level that portrays my passion for my chosen career path.

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