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42… And Then Some

I’ll happily admit to being a late bloomer, behind the times, or any other term that refers to someone or something being slow or out of sync. Like any human beings, I’ve failed at least as often as I’ve succeeded – and like many human beings my successes have, for the most part, been less spectacular than I’d have liked. Oftentimes they could easily be mistaken for failures, given the circumstances. Luckily, I have been blessed with the capacity for wisdom, and this year in particular has been fruitful in that regard.

Image courtesy of Alan O’Rourke

I write primarily for the benefit of others. I enjoy believing that I have an audience that may be larger than the WordPress stats page indicates and to that end, I hope to impart some of my wisdom in the hopes that it will help others bypass some of the failures that I have endured throughout my own life. Having turned 43 today, I find great humour in the fact that while technically I’ve missed an opportunity to make a literary connection to the great Douglas Adams, I’ve been able to turn what could easily be seen as a failure into a moderate success.

Over the past few weeks I’ve experienced a number of small coincidences and realizations that have caused my contemplative, deep-thinking mind to replay and review many aspects of my life. From the angle I’m living in at the moment, I am looking back over my past and seeing things differently. Of course, I’m here to share in the hopes that others, who might be looking at their own lives and feeling like they have failed or are in the middle of failure, read this and take heart.

Today, like most days, I write to inspire. Not always in the Hallmark style – I am a realist at heart and I’m well aware that sometimes you can’t just change your life if you don’t like how it’s working out right now. At the same time, I like to regularly remind my loved ones, friends and indeed complete strangers to please, please, please, remember that you are so greatly loved. You inspire hope, courage and happiness in those around you.

Today, I want to remind you that while you may feel that you have missed an opportunity in a moment – don’t panic.

Leah and I intended to be married on May 6th, 2017. We suffered some bad luck and May 6th, 2017 became May 5th, 2018, and then ultimately became May 4th, 2019. Which has been nothing but fantastic so far, given that I am a bit of a Star Wars fan. Of course I am most happy about Leah’s health improving, but the added bonus has to be acknowledged. 😉

I’m happy to be seen as a slow-starter. Many wonderful things take time to reach their full potential. Naturally, the same can be said about being quick off the mark. I know I’ve missed out on some potentially amazing experiences solely because of my own hesitation. I don’t race because I am my only real opposition. I do what I can to improve my own circumstances and those of the people I love. Please be kind to yourself as well and know that whatever your own pace is in life, it is not the same as anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone (even me!) tell you how to live your life. Be your amazing self, everything will work out.

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