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Shoutout to my Lady on her Birthday

I want to celebrate one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met; a beautiful woman who constantly amazes me with her awesomeness. A woman who is just crazy enough to want to accept the responsibility of being married to me.

Happy Birthday, lovely lady.

My dearest Leah, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. You have been an absolutely wonderful blessing and I am so very glad to have found you. I am so glad to wake up next to you every  morning and to be able to kiss you goodnight at the day’s end. For a young woman, you’ve endured some of the worst things that a person could and yet your eyes still shine with intelligence, compassion and fun. I love that even through your struggles, you still take the time to be present for the people you care about.

On your birthday, I just want to remind you how spectacular you are. You are managing some life-long (and life-changing) issues that would keep many people in a state of despair, and yet every day we laugh together. You are a beautiful human being, one of the greatest that has ever been. You are, to me, a shining example of what it is to be a good person. Your love of true crime and garish reality TV, creativity, passion, generosity, intelligence and compassion all combine in a perfectly wonderful mix that brings happiness, fun and growth to everyone you interact with.

You’ve worked hard and studied harder to achieve your qualifications as an architect. Your mixture of skills and empathy have seen you become a sought-after talent, and you’ve embraced your love of helping others over the past couple of years, becoming a tutor and helping other talented students master skills that will stay with them throughout their careers.

Some of my favourite things about you:

  • Sitting down with you for dinner and to watch a bit of TV (I’ll never forget that run of “If You Are The One” and “Say Yes to the Dress”);
  • Catching up with you at the end of the workday to talk about what we’ve each been doing;
  • Seeing you smile and hearing you laugh;
  • Spooning with you;
  • Your ability to differentiate between lime green and yellow;
  • Your humility – you are so remarkably talented, but you remain modest even when you have every right to brag a little;
  • Your dorkiness;
  • Visiting your family and seeing you interact with your niece;
  • Your creativity – particularly your ability to craft beautiful rhymes and songs spontaneously;
  • Spending time with our friends, laughing and talking about all sort of things;
  • Your immense courage and strength;
  • Your ability to laugh and joke during the toughest times;
  • Your honesty – especially when things are getting tough.

We’ve been through a lot together, my dearest love. Far too many hospital visits; far too much external stress and definitely far too much general B.S. Through it all you’ve worked your sweet ass off to achieve your goals and even if you don’t believe it, you’ve shone bright like a — diamond. You’re one in a gazillion. I wish I’d met you 10 years ago, but am so glad to have found you anyway.

Happy birthday honey, I love you bigger than Nutella filled cinnamon donuts.


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