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On The Tenth Day Of Christmas

I’m the kind of guy that department stores love at this time of year. One of the many people who starts their Christmas shopping in late November and still doesn’t buy anything until mid-December. The months between January and November have somehow been filled with birthdays, engagements, work and so many other things that push Christmas shopping to the very back of my mind, so I’m a veryy last-minute kind of guy when it omes to Christmas shopping.

One thing I’ve learned about myself though is that I tend to perform pretty well under pressure. Emergency situations bring out the best in me (I’ve often thought about working in some kind of Emergency Services Agency for that reason) so the last-minute purchases and preparations don’t stress me out. I’d probably be more worried if I DID have everything under control well before the due date; I’d be sure that there was something I had missed!

When the pressure’s on, my focus really kicks in. First of all I think about whether there have been any clear hints given throughout the year and if there have, then that’s half the work done! Otherwise, my approach is usually that of haphazard planning and brainstorming followed by a lot of footwork.  Reconnaissance missions are undertaken during lunch breaks to scope out potential presents, phone calls are made to family members in an attempt to gain further information and possibly a confession and once all this is complete, it’s time to suit up and get shopping!

The crowd, the Christmas Music, even time itself warps around me as I move with single-minded purpose through the stores and suburbs seeking my prizes. And it seems that this year, like every other thus far, I am successful in my quest. Family and friends are covered with milliseconds to spare as the Christmas Clock ticks ever-closer to the big day. I do a quick post-check to ensure that everyone is covered and then it’s time for the high-fiving of myself for a job well done.

Sure, I could be better organized for Christmas. Some people very successfully shop for Christmas throughout the year. I could use the whole year to peruse the sales, save some money (or use the money I would have saved during the sales to buy even MORE presents – the better option!) and stress by having all my gifts covered well before the due date. I suppose. But then, that would take some of the magic away. And I’m a fan of magic. That’s what Christmas is about!

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Season gave to me….

Ten months distracted
Nine gifts for wrapping
Eight PM Carols
Seven tonnes of tucker
Six AM wake-up
Five days off
Four airborne hours
Three fresh breaths
Two swimming pools
and a trifle made for the Family


4 responses to “On The Tenth Day Of Christmas

  1. DNatica December 23, 2011 at 3:25 am

    I have a page on notepad in my phone that I keep all year round for “possible gifts.” Every time someone mentions something that could possibly lead to a good gift I write it down and then return to it for their birthday or Christmas. It has proved very helpful!

    I’m the opposite of you, though. I shop months in advance and have a hard time waiting til the right date to give the gift.

  2. thoughtsappear December 22, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Ooooo…you’re that guy. =)

    I admire you. I have to shop early (or online) because I hate going to the stores this time of year because they’re packed. I also have to avoid my favorite restaurants in the busy mall area. I blame you.

    • Christian Emmett December 23, 2011 at 3:52 pm

      Fair call Thoughtsy, I’ll take the blame on that. Although in my defense I’m a decisive shopper who makes surgical strikes. I don’t often hang around because the crowds can bother me too!

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