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On The Seventh Day Of Christmas

Recently I’ve started dieting and getting more exercise in a concerted effort to make some changes in my life. The good days are beginning to heavily outweigh the bad and I’m beginning to see the results of my not so hard work. I’m quite proud of myself, but I am wondering whether I should fast this week in preparation for what I will be facing on Christmas Day…

It's not exactly my house - but you get the idea.

With four generations usually represented at any given family Christmas, lunchtime can get hectic. No matter where we’re gathering, there is an abundance of food to cater for anywhere between 12 and 20 or more guests from at least three families. Luckily, everyone is more than happy to pitch in and when the task of feeding the hungry mouths is distributed between people who enjoy cooking for the event, it becomes almost effortless.

In addition to the “standard” hot and cold meats, our Christmas smörgåsbord consists of a number of specialist dishes. Family favourites that are always extremely popular with most members of the clan. The fact that we’ve got a couple of cultures sharing the lunch table in a tropical setting also means that we include seafood, fruit and salad in the edible selections for the day. We may also light up the barbecue so that the men can flex their culinary muscle. We’re all about getting everyone involved.

Unfortunately, I’ve not yet mastered a dish that could stand amongst the deliciousness of the fried rice, potato salad, glazed ham, prawns, salads, chicken and other fine foods (including Dad’s trifle of course!) that ensure no-one goes hungry at our table on Christmas Day. However, I did make a Jamie Oliver special potato salad years ago for a work Christmas party and it proved to be extremely popular! I still have the recipe; maybe I’ll perfect that and add it to the table.

So I do my utmost to help where I can. I help tidy up the table once the meal is finished, but generally my greatest contribution is to enjoy the fruits of my family’s labours by overindulging in exquisite foods. Because I’m generous like that.

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Season gave to me…

Seven tonnes of tucker*
Six AM wake-up
Five days off
Four airborne hours
Three fresh breaths
Two swimming pools
and a trifle made for the Family

* Tucker, for those who are unaware of Australian lingo, is synonym for food. Who says I’m not educational?


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