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Daily Archives: December 18, 2011

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas

I won’t deny it – as a child, the best thing I knew about Christmas was the presents. Every year we dressed the house, trimmed the tree and got our Christmas season off to a great start. Being brought up with two differing religious opinions meant that the true meaning of Christmas was present but not overwhelming. Our family has always been one where personal choice reigns supreme; we support each other in the way we choose to live our lives and while we share opinions openly, we never try to force each other (or anyone else) to change their opinion or approach to suit our own (even when we ARE correct…).

And so each year passed in a similar fashion; I tried to be good, failed on numerous occasions and succeeded on others. I tried new things, found new interests, disinterests, strengths and weaknesses. And at Christmas time came the decision-making. Would it be a request for a puppy? The latest Star Wars action figure or A-Team lunchbox? Some calligraphy pens and ink or a book that would teach me how to draw dinosaurs and cartoons? Had I been good enough to earn a cassette player or clock-radio? Only Santa knew for sure. Every year was a lottery, and some years were jackpots!

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