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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Something Needs To Be Undone.

While I was out walking tonight I wrote and rewrote this introduction in my head. Then I realised that I was manipulating you with it, wanting to explain myself in detail. It’s not my place to do that – especially not tonight. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know two things – that I don’t generally write serious posts and that I haven’t posted in my usual fashion (i.e. regularly) for about a month now.

Tonight’s post was written initially in response to my fryber Renée’s post The Compromise, written earlier this month. I don’t think it was exactly what she was expecting when she asked for people’s stories about relationships that they knew were doomed from the start. I think she was after bittersweet but I am so thoroughly ashamed of this that I can’t even describe it.

Sometimes, when I talk about life with some of my friends, they talk about me being a good, decent guy. I laugh at them and shrug off the compliment because if I was such a good guy – how could I have ever done this?

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Artists You Need To Know – Passenger

Image courtesy of Passenger's Official Facebook Page

If you aren’t already aware of Mike Rosenberg, allow me to remedy the situation now.

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending a live performance by the “band” Passenger. I use the quotation marks because Passenger is actually only one man – Mike Rosenburg. However, he’s one of the most talented musicians I’ve come across in a very long time. Tickets had been purchased well in advance and rightly so – his original show sold out so quickly that a second one was organised by popular demand.

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