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Guest Post: Adventures From Edmonton And Beyond!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting my first guest – The Edmonton Tourist! She’s a great blogging buddy of mine who currently resides in Canada; a place I’ve always wanted to visit. E.T. lives an adventurous and humorous life and her knowledge of sports (particularly ice hockey), history and Seinfeld is formidable.

E.T. has inherited her adventurous ways from her parents and she has been so kind as to share with us the latest in their adventures in Israel. You can read all about The Edmonton Tourist at her WordPress blog and if you want to catch her in real time, you can follow her on Twitter as well. Without further ado, take it away E.T.!

I am the Edmonton Tourist. With that title comes epic adventure and mishaps in all things travel. Sadly, I am currently not traveling. This time last year, I was cruising Europe with my entourage. Currently? I am reading all about my Mom and Dad’s adventures. They decided to leave me and my entourage at home. Apparently it is no longer cool for parents to drag their 44 year old daughter around the world. She is expected to be a grown up and work. So here I sit, waiting for the latest instalment of Travel’s with Granny, a Canadian Guide to the latest “uprisings”. That’s right. My parents enjoy a little war zone every now and then. It makes them nostalgic for when my brother and I were kids.

Image courtesy of sokabs @ Flickr

Today’s post was from the river Jordan. I love getting trip reports from my mom. They take me right back to when I was a kid and we were seeing amazing things. For example, Mom and Dad don’t just look at something and say “huh, so that’s the Flag Betsie Ross made. Cool” no, my parents like to surmise about the historical social facts that surround what we are looking at. They say things like “I bet Betsy Ross and George Washington were having an affair.” Then we all chip in with fake fact conversations that would likely have happened.

I share with you an excerpt from my Mom’s email:

“Today I put my feet in the River Jordan – in the exact same spot that Jesus was baptism. How do we know this you ask? Because the sign told us so – just like it told us the EXACT spot that Mary was told by the angel that she was to be a mother, St. Paul’s house where Jesus bunked when he was in Capernaum for 3 years – I wonder what Paul’s mother thought about that. “Paul don’t you think your friend should go home – he’s already been here 2 years” “Aw mom, just another year – he is the saviour after all and I am sure we will get to heaven for this” “Well . . . .we better . . . . .or you are going to be in big trouble. It is bad enough I have to pick up after you. It wouldn’t be so bad if he would change our measly loaf of bread into a lifetime supply . . . .but NO, he is too busy to that for us”

That’s how she ended her email. She didn’t even sign it Love Mom. She left it an open conversation for me to join in. If I was there we would go back and forth on the conversation between Paul and his Mother. It’s obvious to me that my mom can relate to Paul’s mom. You see, when we were kids, we use to collect orphans. Not that Jesus was an orphan, nor were the kids we collected. But they didn’t live at home, and were essentially street kids. And for some odd reason, there were all named Juan.

So do you remember the Bob Newhart Show? “Hi. My name is Larry, and this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl.” Ya, that was me. “ Hi. My name is E.T., and this is my brother Juan, and this is my other brother Juan, and this is the other brother Juan.”

The Juans lived with us for what seemed liked 3 years…. Hmmm, Similar to Paul and Jesus. The Juans made stuff turn into weed. Hmmm, again similar to the loaves of bread. Except our Juans would steal our stuff – like silver, and weed would appear like magic. Mom would talk to the original Juan, and say…isn’t time your Juan’s left? Just like Paul’s mom. Only there was never any talk about being saved and going to heaven. Well that’s not entirely true, Juan asked to be saved because Julio the Pimp was after the Juans and they had to leave the country for a while. It was all very mysterious.

Kind of like Jesus and Paul. All very mysterious, but a grand adventure just the same.


6 responses to “Guest Post: Adventures From Edmonton And Beyond!

  1. skippingstones October 12, 2011 at 8:56 am

    I really like your mom.

    Thanks for the guest post and a little adventure and maybe a warning about street kids named Juan. I’m going to have to come visit your site!

  2. Pingback: I know where I am going – Liar! and other tales Part 2 « The Edmonton Tourist

  3. The Edmonton Tourist October 10, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Thank you for inviting me Oracle! I am thrilled and honored 🙂
    BTW, Isn’t hockey the only sport? I could be wrong 🙂

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