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Adventures On The Road To Riches.


present participle of in·vest (Verb)
  1. Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.
  2. Buy (something) whose usefulness will repay the cost.

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In the high-stakes world of finance, I’m a player. And by player, I mean I’m the guy who doesn’t know any of the rules and is always picked last. I know I should be paying attention to interest rates, the value of international currency and I should probably know the difference between Cumulative Preference and Redeemable shares but I’m just not that savvy – or, in particular case of the latter, interested. Of course, I prefer to focus on the positives.

Although I may not have a head for real estate or the stockmarket, I still have a perfect opportunity to create for myself the fortune that I need to become a philanthropist – Collectibles. As a fan of movies, comics and all sorts of other nerdy/geeky things, I’d be something of a fool to pass up the chance to make a fortune buying collectibles, displaying them in glass cases for years and then selling them for immense profit.

Case in point – I was searching for a birthday gift for a friend of mine and thought it might be an idea to buy him a Star Wars movie poster. A little bit of Googling gave me some very acceptable options but did you know that some of the original posters are worth in excess of $5000?! THAT is what I’m talking about! After happening upon this interesting event, I decided to come home and dig through my own cache of collectibles to see how many thousands of dollars might be stashed away in various forms.

Now I’ve owned a few toys in my time and many of them would be worth a lot of money if I hadn’t pulled them out of their packaging and played with them in the dirt. A vintage 1977, mint condition Han Solo figurine in the box goes for about $200 on eBay at the moment; my scuffed, dirty, blaster-less Solo wouldn’t be worth the plastic he was originally molded with – if I still had him… Much like property and shares, collectibles are a minefield for the novice.

My ship is currently at sea as far as Star Wars collectibles go, but years ago I tapped into something else. Tonight I thought I’d check on my investment to see if it was time to retire. I didn’t know how to treat toys as anything but toys when I was younger but I did know how to collect trading cards! Knowing very little about sport, I didn’t follow that path when it came to making the decision to commit. Instead I chose another route. The internet, however, seems to disagree with me in relation to what should be worth millions.

It turns out that my collection of comic character trading cards is still worth barely more than the card it’s printed on. I still like the artwork though. I guess I just need to keep trying.


2 responses to “Adventures On The Road To Riches.

  1. bearyweather October 1, 2011 at 2:08 am

    Finding a hidden treasure is everyone’s dream and in that life search, we often overlook the bigger prize. Sometimes the true treasure is in enjoying our toys. The memories of play and fun are priceless.

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