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Fictional Forays – “Decisions”

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I’ve decided to do something a little different. Today’s post is a short story! It’s far from great I know, but I thought I’d stretch my fictional writing muscle and see what happened. The only way to improve after all is to practice, right?

Please feel free to offer any and all feedback; I’d really love to know if you enjoyed it or what I can do to improve as a writer. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t expect this to become a regular thing, just something that might pop up from time to time.


“Breathe.”  He told himself.

Night had laid its thick coat over the World but the light of the nearly full moon made a mockery of the darkness. Light, warm rain watered the countryside as he crouched by the thick trunk of an oak tree. The sound of the rain drummed in his ears as he dug his hands slowly into the ground; the feeling of dirt between his fingers always brought him a measure of peace and right now he needed to gather his wits.

The scent of oak and earth filled his nostrils as he scanned the night for signs of pursuit. He could see no torches, hear no voices. He could not relax now though. If he stayed, the townsfolk would soon find him and demand an answer from him. An answer they would not like hearing.

“Run.” He told himself.

Anyone looking would have little difficulty spotting him here on the edge of the wide field he had just crossed. He had put a decent amount of distance between himself and the town but in these conditions – the open field, the bright moonlight; he was a sitting duck. The thought made him laugh quietly to himself.

He was a stranger there now. Of course they would look to him first. Since his first violent outburst three months ago he had felt nothing but nervousness and hostility from the people he used to know as friends and family. He could have sworn he smelt fear as well, but that was just an old saying, like crying over spilt milk. Sometimes he wondered how those sayings came about. Right now though was not the time to ponder.

“Breathe.” He told himself.

He considered his options. Maybe they hadn’t found the body yet. If he returned to town before they noticed it, there may be no problem at all. He had fled as soon as it had happened, there was still time to get back to his room if he turned back now. Maybe they wouldn’t accuse him as eagerly if he didn’t seem suspicious.

On the other hand, he reminded himself, he was no longer the person they thought they knew. He had been quiet, friendly, attentive and obedient until the day that changed everything. The worst of it was that he could barely remember that day. This time, he remembered every detail.

“Run.” He told himself.

It had been one sheep. From a flock of over thirty. His father could afford the loss. He could have taken more; part of him was unsure why he hadn’t indulged himself. But he had known it was wrong, at least in their eyes. They would never understand and he would never change now. Since the beating he had been told he had given that boy who tried to bully him on his seventeenth birthday he had felt completely different. He had evolved.

For three months he had tried to be what they wanted. He had tried to make his family and friends feel safe around him. He had tried to keep his secret from them. He could no longer do that. He needed to embrace who – what he really was.

He pulled his fingers from the earth and looked at them. The claws were back. Instead of fear or terror though, he felt strange comfort. Running his tongue over his teeth he felt his canines growing; his jaw was changing. It wouldn’t be long now before his humanity was nothing but a whisper in his head, overpowered by a far more visceral mentality.

The sound of the rain grew louder in his ears and he began to notice others. Sounds usually inaudible to human ears. Cutting through all the natural sounds of the night came a scream. He recognized it as his younger sister. She had found the body, he concluded. He would miss her above everything else.

“Run.” He said aloud, turning his back on his home and making his way toward the tree-line. Before he reached it, he had changed completely.


6 responses to “Fictional Forays – “Decisions”

  1. therosebandit March 9, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Keep um coming!!!! Love it and it has such beautifully mysterious rhythm! 🙂

  2. The Compulsive Writer March 6, 2011 at 3:37 am


  3. Fred March 5, 2011 at 4:27 am

    go on…….

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