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Style; Apparently. Substance? Yet To Be Determined.

I must say I’m quite surprised, extremely honoured and a little misty. When I started blogging I never anticipated gaining any form of fame. Rather, I was hoping to make a few blog friends and use this space to work on my writing a little.

And yet, CatMan and Clay have both bestowed upon me this most fun and semi-prestigious award:

I’m definitely going to put it on my resume. It’ll be great when I’m applying for jobs in industries not even remotely related to creative writing.

Before I can do that though, there are some eerily chain-letter-esque rules I must strictly adhere to or there will be repercussions so dire that they aren’t even mentioned in the preamble.

Rule The First – link back to the most generous blogger(s) who has(have) presented you with this e-award. CHECK. (See above)

Rule The Second – Write 7 things about yourself. CHECK. (See below)

Rule The Third – Clearly identify 6 additional bloggers you would like to honour/embarrass with this award. Let them know they’re receiving this extravagant JPEG image! CHECK. (See further below)

So, seven things about myself.

1. The first movie I remember ever seeing is “Watership Down”. I think I was 3 at the time.

2.At high school I wrote a story for an English assignment that involved a cursed woodsman who could only be released by duelling fighters to the death. I think I wrote a pretty good story, with balanced empathy for both the woodsman and his opponent.

The tale ended with the apparent “hero” losing the battle and taking on the curse (because the way it worked was that whoever the woodsman defeated would be cursed in the same way he was) which I thought was a bit of an interesting turn away from the “classic happy ending”. My English teacher, on the other hand, took me aside and asked me if everything was ok at home. Everything was fine at home, but I’ll always remember what a good person my English teacher was because of that.

3. When I was at university, I worked as a trolley-boy at my local supermarket. One morning I was bringing in some trolleys when I saw a guy sitting on a bench in front of the store. I said hello to him as I walked inside to get some more trolleys, also passing the Armaguard security guys who were on their way out to escort the store’s takings from the previous day to the bank.

As I brought the trolleys back out to the front of the store, I bumped into the Armaguard guys and the man on the chair again – the Armaguard guys were laid on the ground and the guy on the chair was pointing a sawn-off rifle at them. He turned to me and pointed the gun right at my face. Neither of us knew what to do, so I simply put the trolleys in their place and walked calmly back inside to advise the manager that we were being robbed.

Most of the cashiers went home on stress leave that day; I pushed trolleys until about 9pm and could never give a description of the guy sitting on the bench.

4. I believe that things happen for a reason – but that sometimes it’s a reason we’ll never ever be able to comprehend.

5. I worry about holding babies and little animals because I’m afraid I’ll drop them.

6. If I could have absolutely any career in the World I’d be a treasure-hunter, molding myself after Indiana Jones.

7. At primary school I was once “dacked” while waiting in the busy lunch line at the tuckshop (cafeteria) by a kid who told me he wanted to see which of us was taller when we stood back-to-back. I’m now incredibly wary of people who want to measure themselves back-to-back with me. But I’m still very gullible.

And now to pass on this esteemed award to those who are deserving. This is the hardest part, nominating only 6 bloggers! I think everyone I read has a great blog; each one with their own awesome style that deserves recognition.

Besides, I’m really only second-ing or third-ing votes already out there with this list. I currently don’t have an expansive collection of blogs that I read but these are a few who have supported me from the very beginning or I’ve found recently.

The Edmonton Tourist – An awesome Canadian (but aren’t they all, really?) who writes a brilliant blog and lives with adventure in her heart.

Some Species Eat Their Young – If/when I become a dad, I hope I can write about my family even half as beautifully as Chase does.

Bear In Mind – A wonderful blog that comes out of the amazing wilds of Minnesota. Fantastic pictures, wonderful words.

Marina Sleeps – Marina holds nothing back when she writes, a decision that has led to a great blog and some very interesting insights. Check it out.

Miracle on 32nd Street – There’s nothing like the unique perspective of AuntBethany. Especially the stick-figure movie reviews.

The Compulsive Writer – Relatively new to me (and, it appears, to blogging), this Compulsive Writer has what I think will prove to be an extremely interesting and entertaining concept. Click the link.

So there it is. My thanks again to CatMan and Clay, two great bloggers I am glad to have found here in the blogoshpere. There are numerous others I would love to pass this award to, but I was limited to 6 and I don’t want to call down the wrath of the cosmos by ignoring or bending “The Rules”.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments, and to all the bloggers I read – you are all extremely stylish. Thank you for being yourselves and continuing to write!


13 responses to “Style; Apparently. Substance? Yet To Be Determined.

  1. amkuska February 14, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Congratulations on your award! You must feel so proud. ^^

  2. bearyweather February 14, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Wow, what can I say? I am flattered to receive this prestigious award from you. Thanks.

  3. Chase McFadden February 12, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Congrats on the SBA! Number 3 on your list of interesting facts had my heart pounding. That sounds like a scene out of a movie.

    Thanks for the SBA love. I’m hono(u)red to be included with such a great group. I already frequent three of the other blogs and will check out the other two.

    I appreciate you reading SSETY, and thanks again for the SBA.

  4. marinasleeps February 12, 2011 at 2:06 am

    Congrats! U deserve it!

    And thanks …. i am honored… may I pillage a thousand villages

  5. educlaytion February 12, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Great job. Love the Indiana Jones career choice. Amazing story about the robbery! For a second I was thinking trolleys were street cars. We call them shopping carts or a buggy. Good day to you!

  6. The Edmonton Tourist February 11, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Garsh! I’m touched, humbled and thrilled! Thanks Oracle! Watership Down was my first book. 🙂

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