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188 Days Later

My six month blog-iversary has just passed while I’ve been occupied with other things. I took a break because I’m the kind of guy who needs to take a big step back from everything once in a while to examine how it’s all going.

Suffice to say everything’s going well. Being an Adventurer is hard work I’ve discovered and sometimes it’s not always easy to write about something – or nothing, depending on the situation.

Looking back over the current history of my blogging self it’s been an interesting, random and I like to think amusing ride. Finding bloggers who make me laugh, think and just enjoy the way others see the World has been great, and it’s been even more exciting to see that people have found me!

I’ll be working hard on improving my blogging by various means and I also hope to start challenging myself, possibly to something resembling slightly more professional writing. I don’t mean I’ll be putting deep and meanginful posts out there but they may, on occasion, have the intent of provoking some thought. I may succeeed, I may fail. Such is the way of the Adventurer.

Like many fellow bloggers I have started 2011 with a desire to make the year even better in many ways. I’ve not gotten off to the start I would have liked but I promise I’ll make up for the slow kick-off with an enduring positivity that I hope keeps you, my readers, coming back for more.

Since I started blogging last July I’ve averaged 3 posts a week. I’ll be working on that approach from here on in, ensuring that I post at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I manage more (and I will certainly try!) then that will be awesome. If I don’t, well we’ll at least have Monday, Wednesday and Friday together!

Theme weeks, Plinky Prompts (thanks for the idea AuntBethany), movie and music related posts and possibly even Guest Posts are some of the plans that I have to breathe new life into this crazy blog, along of course with my usual eclectic style. Naturally, any and all suggestions or ideas are also welcomed!

Without a doubt, blogging is something I enjoy thoroughly. While it’s challenging to formulate and solidify ideas and thoughts into decent posts, I am committing myself to an asylum continuing with this particular passion of mine. I’m determined to start a new age of sticking with things that matter and making things work out for the best.

And so, over 46,000 words later here I am. There are greater bloggers out there. I read their posts and find inspiration, humor, comfort and new ideas everywhere. On that note, do any of you have any suggestions or thoughts about themes or post ideas? I’m certainly open to writing about topics that aren’t necessarily in my comfort zone.

I will wholeheartedly embrace the coming future with a positivity that might be difficult to contain. I hope you all stand a little closer, maybe get a little bit of it on yourself.



4 responses to “188 Days Later

  1. The Edmonton Tourist February 4, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Welcome back from your restful(?) brake! My favorite type of posts from you tend to showcase you, your evil brother/jedi master, and your surroundings. When you write about the things you know and life around you, you have me captivated. Don’t count yourself short. I think you are one of the best blogs I read 🙂

    • OpentoAdventure February 7, 2011 at 10:37 am

      Thanks very much ET, I’m honoured to have you as a reader and blog friend.

      There will definitely be more of my usual style, that’s a given. You have an exellent blog yourself, I love reading it.


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