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Things I Might Have Posted


It's still working - just at half strength.

 You may or may not have noticed that I’ve had a VERY slack week as far as blogging goes. There are reasons for this – it’s Christmas Week. I’ve been running around organising things for my trip home, buying Christmas presents and cards and all the other rushy-rush-rush type things that accompany the holiday.

Either that or having enough trouble sorting out the basics because everyone I need to speak to has already gone on holidays.

That shouldn’t be a reason to miss a blog post though. While I’ve been catching up with friends and taking care of Christmas business, my blogging brain has been working feverishly. You would think that there would be plenty of material to blog about, wouldn’t you? I would.

Unfortunately, given that I’m in a festive mood, I can’t bring myself to write narky posts about some of the things that have frustrated me while I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping or have just been out and about. Likewise, I can’t really make a 500+ word post about the fact that the city of Brisbane obviously read my post about the lack of yuletide spirit and has set up a stage in the centre of the Mall specifically for choirs and carolling groups. Good to see you got your act together, Brisneyland.

And so I’ve wracked my brain to think of post ideas and they’ve fallen flat. Here’s why:

Blog Post Idea #1: Superheroes addressing “uniform issues”

This may still make a post yet. I’ve been wondering about superheroes (since it’s becoming more and more obvious by the day that I am one) and how they address their uniform issues. It’s not like you can take your bright red/blue/gold spandex tights to the local drycleaner when you’re trying to manage a secret identity.

What do you say when you’re handing over your super suit? “Oh, could you please clean this for me, I just found it in the street and it looks like it could be useful.”

Granted, there are plenty of options with this one. I’ll keep it on the go.

Blog Post Idea #2: Favourite Toy

Another reasonable idea, I was thinking of writing about my favourite toy ever. I won’t name it here in case this one gets written up as well, but it seemed fitting given the Christmas season to write about toys and the like. I was even going to ask you all what your favourite is/was and whether you still have it.

I’m not sure why this one didn’t get drafted. I just don’t know if I could make this one as humorous as I would like to. We shall see.

Blog Post Idea #3: Something From The News

The news can be a great place to get ideas from. Unfortunately in Australia, most of our news is about floods, fires or sport. None of which are particularly chuckle-worthy. Most recently, a 17 year-old girl has posted naked pictures of a football player on the internet and has … yeah, we can all see why this never got posted. I’d probably lose subscribers with this post. I can’t even feign interest myself!

Blog Post Idea #4: More Christmas!

Honestly though, I’m so flustered right now that I can’t think of anything else that’s Christmassy that isn’t already being written about. Good Carols, bad carols; good movies, bad movies. I’m no dazzling cook (yet) so I can’t share recipes.

There is, however, one post I can write in this vein! I’m just waiting for GE to take a photo for me and then I’ll post it. That will be a great Christmas post.

I probably won’t post tomorrow since I’ll be getting ready to board a plane so I just want to say to all of you:

Have a very happy, safe, exciting and joyous Christmas break! I hope that you all get something wonderful this Christmas. Take good care of yourselves and know that this blogger is sending you all cheerful festive thoughts and is wishing you all the very very best over the holidays and into the New Year.


5 responses to “Things I Might Have Posted

  1. educlaytion December 24, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    All of those ideas look good, especially the fav toy and superhero needs. Don’t worry about the exact effect each piece will have because you’re interesting and so anything you write with thought will be interesting to your readers. I write a wide array of stuff (as you know) and some of it misses certain readers but then new ones are attracted so go figure. This space exists for you to create so you’re free to be brilliant! Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I hope your travels and holiday are fantastic. Also I’m insanely jealous of the warm weather you are so much closer to than I.

    • OpentoAdventure December 24, 2010 at 3:43 pm

      Thanks Clay, I expect that I’ll work on the first two ideas and see what I can do with them.

      You’re absolutely right, blogging can have surprising results – I’ve loved some of the ones I’ve done so far but they’ve hardly been read, while others that I thought were average proved to be hits! So I’ll just keep writing as the mood strikes and hopefully I’ll manage to entertain more often than not.

      Hold onto your jealousy about the weather though; there’s rumor of a cyclone and torrential storm heading my way over the next few days!

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  3. The Edmonton Tourist December 23, 2010 at 10:58 am

    I am with you every step! I can barely read blogs never mind write one worth reading! #1&#2 are both brillant ideas. #2 actually makes me think about the favorite toy that was never mine. I may blog that!
    So here is me wishing you an GE the most wonderful Christmas yet!
    Merry Christmas Oracle!

    • OpentoAdventure December 23, 2010 at 11:03 am

      Thanks ET, I’ll refine ideas 1 & 2 and will probably post them in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog when you’re so busy!

      I hope you and the rest of the Muppets have a fantastic Christmas as well, take care and keep adventuring!

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