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‘Tis The Season.

Santa Claus (crafted by Jim Shore)

Is it just me or did this year seem to get a grip on Christmas?

Granted, I have been distracted since October but this year’s buildup to Christmas seems a little sedate. I’ve even waited until the second week of December to even begin mentioning the holiday and it’s my favourite holiday of the year!

As I gently extracted my Santa Claus decoration (pictured above) and looked for a place to put him, I reflected on the current Christmas season and couldn’t help but think to myself – “Well it’s kinda snuck up on us this year, hasn’t it?”

I may be wrong though, it has happened before. Maybe while I was putting out fires in the city, wooing GE and discovering my psychic WordPress powers I missed the hullabaloo that usually announces the arrival of the Christmas season. Ordinarily it begins around April, while the Easter Eggs are still on the shelf but are being discounted to about 25% of the price you would have paid barely six months before then.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving not being official celebrations here in Australia, the insatiable commercial juggernaut generally rolls steadily through a cycle, exchanging the fluff of the Easter Bunny’s tail for the fluff of Saint Nick’s beard and the zany, potentially epilepsy-inducing colours of Easter Eggs with the zany, potentially epilepsy-inducing colours of christmas lights and wrapping paper.

But my blog’s not about commercialism. It’s about fun stuff.

Apart from the decorations that have sprung up around my office, all evidence of Christmas this year seems to be quite subdued. The decorations that have been erected in the City Mall look like massive red and blue steel shavings rather than the Christmas trees they’re supposed to represent.

The Christmas Carols have been about as abundant as snow here in Brisbane too; if you’re not sure how often that is – it’s never. I’m not mad or upset, it’s just a bit odd.

Still, Myer have done their usual window display which is great to see. This year it’s “The Nutcracker” and it still draws the crowds. Adults and children alike gather around the great glass barriers, casting enchanted eyes across the giant dioramas as the story unfolds before them.

The holiday IS my favourite, but not for the presents or the decorations. Not for the fancy lights or the food.

I love Christmas because of the greater meaning. The birth of Jesus and the joy of giving. Sharing time with loved ones and remembering that every day is an opportunity to love without expectation of reward or recompense. That is what makes Christmas magical to me.

I hope, whether you celebrate the holiday or not; no matter how you spend this December, that you are all blessed with something special. Happy Holidays!


2 responses to “‘Tis The Season.

  1. Blisstrack December 8, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Merry Christmas!!!!! 🙂 So happy for you and GE 🙂
    Hope you have the greatest holidays with the people you love. 🙂 🙂
    And come on, put a little decoration (or a lot if you want), the ocassion just deserves it…
    I know how you feel, I mean, I still have a test to go, so I don’t quite feel in my tipical happy mood for Christmas, but lets make an effort 🙂

    • OpentoAdventure December 8, 2010 at 10:12 pm

      Thank you so much for your wishes, I hope that your test is over soon and that you get to jump into the Christmas Spirit shortly afterwards!

      I’ll see what I can organise as far as decorations go too.


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