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It’s December Already?!

December 1, where did you come from? I swear just last week I was welcoming in the New Year but here you are, standing right next to me. You guys really have your act together don’t you? I’m having trouble remembering exactly where the time went, so how about you and I run through the past 11 months and see how all your predecessors handled themselves before we go rushing in to the end of the year?

Things started pretty slowly between 2010 and I; January had only one date in it of any significance that wasn’t the 1st. In other news though, Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad, Snoop Dogg thought about collaborating with Susan Boyle, we mourned the passing of J.D. Salinger and Johnny Cash was named as Time Magazine’s #1 Elvis impersonator. Does anyone else find it funny that the ACTUAL Elvis was ranked at #5?

St Valentine and Cupid, knowing me as well as they do, were busy planning a drawn-out (and THOROUGHLY rewarding in the end) campaign for me so my February passed without incident. Outside my personal sphere, Vancouver hosted the XXI Winter Olympic Games and Tiger Woods made a public apology for being a douche bag. Chile was also devastated by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, right on the heels of the 7.0 magnitude quake that almost destroyed Haiti one month earlier.

March pretty much let everyone down this year. Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland was potentially the only redeeming feature, given the loss of Corey Haim and the release of Justin Bieber’s debut album in the same month. I don’t know how you let that last one happen, March. For shame.

April and I usually have a great time together. My birthday’s in April, so we get on like a house on fire. Unfortunately though, April pretty much set Europe on fire this year as well – most notably the eruptions beneath Eyjafjallajökull which caused so much trouble for so many travellers. The disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico also rubbed salt into the already gaping wound that April sustained this year.

May gave Pablo Picasso a nice income boost; his painting Nude, Green Leaves and Bust sold at auction for US$105.6 million! Shame about the being dead part, eh Pablo? Gary Coleman passed away in May and some thieves made off with €100 million worth of paintings from Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. What a month for the art world! Not a lot else happened in May, everyone was focussed on fixing the mess that was made in the Gulf of Mexico in April…

June was another quiet month event-wise apart from the celebration of my niece’s birthday. There WAS plenty of noise being made, however. The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicked off in South Africa (won by Spain for those who didn’t know but were interested) and if you didn’t know what a Vuvuzela was before June, you sure as heck know what one is now! Oh yeah, and Apple brought out some kind of new phone. iPhone 4 or something? I dunno.

July, the half-way point. Lodging my tax return was the most exciting thing that happened to me that month. Wikileaks flooded the internet with classified government documents and Mother Nature flooded Pakistan with water. That was a bit rough!

August might have showed the World just how seriously (or not) Australians take their voting. A Federal election resulted in a hung Parliament, with both parties holding 50% of the vote. I had wagered a shaved head on the outcome; I was hoping for something a little more decisive. Maybe I should have shaved half of my head to honour the bet. On the whole though, August was a lazy month. A bull took the action to the spectators, injuring over thirty people but apart from that, there was little happening.

September followed suit really. Even Google can’t really help me with news for September. What were you doing there, S? Having a dozefancy? I hope it was a good one. Personally, I think you were deliberately quiet – building up to October, the month when it all happened for me. Kudos to you, nicely played.

October rolled around, deceptively uneventful for me at first. A few social engagements here, a whisper of a romantic prospect there but nothing rock solid. Until the 22nd. I was totally unprepared and completely thrilled when it all happened. In the outside World however, it was a pretty grim month. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rocked Indonesia in particular. On a brighter note though, the Chilean miners who had been trapped for 69 days were brought back into the fresh air after an amazing rescue effort!

November flew past me at an alarming speed, I was so distracted by my Wonderful Friend. (I don’t mean to gush; but she is AWESOME.) When I last took a minute to look around, I saw that Leslie Nielsen had succumbed to pneumonia. Another tragic loss; such a unique and wonderful individual!

So here we are again, the beginning of the end of this, but not the last, year. I’ve only been blogging since July but have had such a wonderful time with it! I will definitely continue to write, I only hope that the New Year is the beginning of a continued period of positivity, love, success and adventure for everyone.

10 responses to “It’s December Already?!

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  2. bearyweather December 3, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Okay, you were a little bit hard on March, my birth month .. there were plenty of good points …
    the Northern Lights were great, daylight-saving time came back, St. Patty’s Day, the snow was melting and Spring was coming.

  3. spidergirlxD December 3, 2010 at 3:41 am

    Best interpretation of 2010!!! *virtual medal*
    |O| AWESOME! |O|

    You are completely right. Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland was EPIC, and Bieber is an epic FAIL.
    Could I just add something horrible about May? Yeah, Paul Gray died on the 24th. R.I.P. =( Slipknot ftw!!! xD

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