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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Things I Might Have Posted


It's still working - just at half strength.

 You may or may not have noticed that I’ve had a VERY slack week as far as blogging goes. There are reasons for this – it’s Christmas Week. I’ve been running around organising things for my trip home, buying Christmas presents and cards and all the other rushy-rush-rush type things that accompany the holiday.

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How Did You Find Me?

While I’ve been open to adventure pretty much my entire life, I’ve only been blogging about it for the past four months or so. I have no burning desire to be a famous blogger (although if I was to become popular I wouldn’t be unhappy) and my writing style isn’t textbook so I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Still, I take an interest in those who do read my blog and how some people find me in the massive online universe. I have a few cherished regulars whose blogs I adore and I’m always looking around to see who else is out there. Today’s post is dedicated to those who find my blog with a little help from Google.

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Christmas. Typical?

I live about a thousand miles away from most of my family. I’m not hyperbolising either. While I do live very near my Wolf Brother, the remainder of my immediate family is approximately 1700 kilometres (1000 and something miles) north of me.

Each Christmas I try to catch up with them. I miss my family and always love seeing them and Christmas is a fantastic time of year to take the opportunity in. I get a solid week off work and the two hour flight is more than easy to deal with in order to spend some invaluable time with my family.

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Twitter – You Are A Dirty Bird.


The bird is dirty...

I don’t mean to dis you or hurt your feelings Twitter but I seriously need to tell you something.

Please stop sending naked women my way.

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Happy Birthday, Wolf Brother.

Today is the anniversary of my brother’s birth. A soul charged (some would say burdened, but I’m not here to nit-pick) with a margin of responsibility for the safety and development of this blogger.

I’d like to take a moment to give back to the man who, as one of the people I look up to, has given me so very much over the years. A wonderful brother who always had a watchful eye out for me and has pretty much always been there to help me through the rough times. He took his job seriously, and looking back now I can see that he only ever had my best interests at heart.

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‘Tis The Season.

Santa Claus (crafted by Jim Shore)

Is it just me or did this year seem to get a grip on Christmas?

Granted, I have been distracted since October but this year’s buildup to Christmas seems a little sedate. I’ve even waited until the second week of December to even begin mentioning the holiday and it’s my favourite holiday of the year!

As I gently extracted my Santa Claus decoration (pictured above) and looked for a place to put him, I reflected on the current Christmas season and couldn’t help but think to myself – “Well it’s kinda snuck up on us this year, hasn’t it?”

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It’s December Already?!

December 1, where did you come from? I swear just last week I was welcoming in the New Year but here you are, standing right next to me. You guys really have your act together don’t you? I’m having trouble remembering exactly where the time went, so how about you and I run through the past 11 months and see how all your predecessors handled themselves before we go rushing in to the end of the year?

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