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Homage To H – Holla!

This post is the result of a few things. Primarily my quirky brain, but also spawned from a seed planted in another (unpublished) post and only mildly coincidentally connected to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this week. My mind makes some very curious connections indeed.

This is just me being a little oddly creative. It’s a strange post I’ll admit, but you know the kind of blogger I am. If a bit of wordplay based on a single letter of the alphabet isn’t your thing, feel free to browse my archives instead. I know it’s not for everyone. Happy Friday!

Hallelujah for H!

Hark now! Hear this humble human’s half-baked and heedlessly histrionic homage to the honorable letter ‘H’!

‘H’ is a heavyweight of the alphabet in my head. A hip and happening handyman, helpfully hanging out with his neighbours  or holding his own and having a heck of a high time. Heading up words like happiness, hug, hero, heartfelt, hello and hilarious, ‘H’ is the honorable harbinger of humor and high spirits.

However, ‘H’ never hesitates, happily hovering and hoping only to help other words shine. Adding height to heavily horizontal words such as rhinoceros, whim, charisma and research to highlight only a few, ‘H’ has no hampering haughtiness. Only the heartwarming hope of honing harmonious cohabitation.

What if ‘H’ did hesitate though? Held back or halted even? What horrifying chaos might ensue? Heartbroken, haggard half-pints from here to the hills, hips hanging helplessly as the hyperactive hysteria of having hula hoops turns to hollow hopelessness. Howling, heartache, even hospitalisation could happen as hyperbulic handstanders horrifically hurtle head-first onto the hearth.

Without ‘H’, hopscotch would be harder. Hypochondriacs hypothetically have their hardships halved as headaches, hay fever, hives, hiccups and hundreds of harsh health hindrances get the heave-ho. (I may be hyperbolising here…)

Whilst I honour words which have an honest harmony with ‘H’, I abhor those humans who hide this humble helper of the alphabet.

Those who humiliate themselves and the ‘H’ by harshly shirking it when chatting – hamstringing such words as ‘History’, ‘Historic’ and ‘Horrific’ have me hopping with hostility. Even ‘Herbs’ is handicapped humourlessly by those who think that their heinous hijacking of the ‘H’ is harmless. “Heresy!” I holler!

Hug a ‘H’ habitually, its helpfulness has no horizon! Have a heart and hold the ‘H’ in the highest esteem! Hail to the ‘H’ –  Hip hip, hooray!


2 responses to “Homage To H – Holla!

  1. The Edmonton Tourist November 20, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Hats off to the Hot-Shot Hero! Happen to be a Hair’s-breathe away from a Heroin Habituation? Holding Heed to the High-mindedness Hence-forth!
    How Hard this High-Jinx!!

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