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Write That Down

As a budding blogger I’ve learned a few things recently:

  1. I don’t do enough crosswords – My vocabulary has fallen horrendously over the years that I have spent doing other things;
  2. Ideas for writing are EVERYWHERE – Just by paying a little more attention, there are infinite sources of inspiration;
  3. It certainly pays to have a notepad and pen on hand at all times – I don’t even need to substantiate this one.

Now I have no plan to become a best-seller. I can write reasonably about silly topics and I have been known to put together a half-decent short story in my time. I’ve always enjoyed word smithing and story crafting; it’s a creative art that I think I have a mildly successful connection with. Visual arts and I, on the other hand, don’t really agree. I expect it’s just because of the way my mind works.

Today more than any other I was reminded that I am still an extreme novice in the writing arena. It has happened many times before but today, with this little blog pottering around and doing its thing, I felt an ironic stab in my heart as this situation unfolded. A friend of mine made a comment during a very random conversation that sparked inspiration in my mind. It would have been a great blog post and I got quite excited about it.

Knowing that I had the rest of the day ahead of me though, I thought that I should write it down to make sure I captured the awesomeness that was that random-comment-come-blog-topic. I searched my desk rapidly as I felt the words already fading in my immediate memory and after finding nothing I decided that I would remember them. It would be ok, I’ve done this before. Repeating the comment to myself three or four times should have surely locked it safely away as a recollection to be drawn out at my leisure. Alas, the day and my memory conspired against me and my memory of that hilarious comment was neatly overwritten at a later stage by a floor plan of our office. <SARCASM>Woot.</SARCASM>

I summarily decided that for the sake of my creativity, continued blogging “success” and in fact just as a means to make my life perhaps a little more interesting (read “kooky”) I should invest in some kind of notebook that I could carry on my person at all times, to record such incidents of interest and inspiration. I settled on the notebook for a couple of reasons:

  1. JD has already cornered the tape recorder market;
  2. As JD has so rightly pointed out, there is the inherent danger of heartbreak in ownership of a parrot.

And so for me it will be the notebook option. I think it might also add a much needed air of sophistication or curious warmth (failing that, eccentricity – I don’t mind that possibility at all) to my seemingly cold and detached demeanour. As I stride off into the sunset, notebook and pen in hand and filled with courageous determination to note down all the random oddities and interesting occurrences that I come across I leave you with the following words of wisdom from a great inspirer – Van Wilder:

Write that down.


3 responses to “Write That Down

  1. educlaytion October 30, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    My aunt recently asked me where I get all my ideas from. I agree with you. They’re everywhere if you’re looking. I have written things down in the past, more of a whatever scraps are handy system. Mostly though, I use my phone and either add a memo or, most likely, just use the sound recorder to recite some budding blogness into. Keep up the good work!

  2. bearyweather October 27, 2010 at 9:59 am

    I hope the notebook works for you. I just have the random slips of paper … everywhere and they are sometimes misplaced. That works out well sometimes because when I find then later, time gives me a new look at it and sometimes that new look is a better look.

    I also email myself (those don’t get lost) … to be more techie, how about a note pad on your ipod touch?

    • OpentoAdventure October 27, 2010 at 10:46 am

      Thanks for the encouragement, I’m determined to make it work. 🙂

      Thanks also for the suggestion of an electronic note-taking system. I have the notepad on my iPhone but I don’t use it. Working in IT (as you might now) makes me want to be a bit more old school with my blogging/writing in the ideas/planning aspect at least to maintain the pleasure of it. It’s always nice to write things down, even if my handwriting isn’t very neat!

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